Monday, 22 June 2015

Primark Fashion Nails

As you may already know, I've had bad nails for years and even using conditioners doesn't help as much as I would need it to keep my nails pretty and at least a bit longer than just to the tip of my fingers.
I've had gel nails for a pretty long time and I loved them but it also happened that my nails broke underneath the gel, so that the gel layers broke too and it was tricky to fix my nails again.
I also tried some stick on nails around September last year but I didn't wear them for too long since I thought that sticking on the nails went wrong very often and it made me angry too.

However, recently I've seen several girls writing about the fake nails from Primark. Since they are just £1 for 24 nails and the glue, I thought that this is really worth trying and I found two designs that I really liked so I took both of them home.

Now, I only tried them out last night after work, because I was pretty sure that ripping apart cardboard will ruin the nails quickly.
I have to say that I was pretty impressed with the sizes of the nails because I didn't need to file any of them to shape them to be more similar to my own nail shape. Also, the length of the nails is really nice- I didn't make them shorter either and feel like they look pretty natural on my hands.

After trying them out, and realising that they sell cute designs, I thought that I will buy more of them and just take them on holidays maybe because they are just so much fun and they definitely make my nails look so much prettier!

The only thing that anoyed me so far was the glue bottle because I couldn't figure out where the glue will be coming out since there were removable caps on both ends - But I got it in the end and my nails are glued onto my real nails and I am happy.

For that price I definitely recommend trying them and I hope I will get my hands on more fun designs of those as soon as possible!



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