Tuesday, 30 June 2015

My OOTD: A Tropical Maxi On A Summer Day

Today I woke up to beautiful sunshine and it actually was warm again! I was so happy that without thinking twice I picked my new maxi skirt and top and decided to wear that outfit today. I went for a coffee in town with my friend Joanna, so I also had a good reason to dress up nicely.

I was never convinced of long skirts/dresses because I felt like I am just too short to wear them without high heels and since my knees are not good with high heels, I never got a maxi piece. However, last time when I was shopping, I spotted this beautiful tropical skirt and decided to at least try it on. And I instantly fell in love with it. So, here's today's outfit!

white cami - Primark
leather bag - FOSSIL
maxi skirt - H&M

I really like those cut outs on both legs - that's probably what convinced me to buy the skirt!

I put my hair up in a ponytail since it was pretty warm and I also felt like this outfit looks so much better with a ponytail instead of my hair down. I used my usual make-up, with a bit more of eyeliner, that you can't even see here because of my weird shaped eyes.

sandals - Deichmann
nail polish - Golden Rose

Tomorrow I am already flying back home and I am both excited and nervous but I try to be excited for now and to enjoy my summer holidays. This outfit made me feel very summery and happy today so I will definitely take it on holidays with me and you will definitely see it more often!

I'm off to bring my uniform to work and then I'll be packing the rest that needs to be packed and I will tidy up the room as much as possible.

Have a nice evening everyone! :)




  1. do you snack at midnight sometimes?

  2. what is your favourite snack?

    1. If you want to hear something healthy: WATERMELON
      Apart from that I LOVE crisps and sweets. I am basically only eating sweets to be honest!

  3. do you like cereals?

  4. when are you going to poland?

    1. I hope that until the end of this week I will be there if I manage to sort out everything.

  5. whats your favourite food?