Estée Lauder x Kendall Jenner Make-Up Set

I wanted to write this blog post at a later moment, but I got too excited.
Some days ago I received a parcel from Douglas Austria and when I opened it I found a few make-up products from the Estée Lauder x Kendall Jenner collab and I was over the moon that I got a chance to try such amazing products!
My mum and I used to have Estée Lauder products now and then and we absolutely loved them, so this time again I expected not to be disappointed. And I was right!

In my parcel I found a mascara, a felt tip eyeliner and a lipgloss, so that's pretty much all you need to finish off your make-up after you've done your base.
This little kit is amazing, though I know this range also has a few other bits like eyeshadows, which are probably so nice too!

The lipgloss is called Pure Color Envy in the shade 110 Discreet Nude. It is a very light, nearly transluscent shade, with lots of shiny particles, giving your lips a sheer nude colour, which is perfect for summer days when you decide to go bold on the eyes and stay natural on the lips. I think this is also pretty much the thought behind this little kit.

What I like a lot about this lipgloss is the smell, which reminds me of vanilla ice cream/ sweets and also for some reason of swimming pools. Don't ask me why. The gloss has a very nice applicator that reaches evey corner of your lips and therefore is so easy to use! It is also not too sticky, which is amazing! 
Another plus for this one is the packaging.It is so simple, yet so elegant, with the engraved top of the cap. 

The second product is the Sumptuous Knockout Defining Lift and Fan mascara. I've tried many mascaras in my life and I know that Estée Lauder always has such good ones! They always make my lashes so long without clumping them together. So does this mascara. The silicon wand is a bit dangerous though ( It hurts A LOT when you get it into your eye, so be careful), but it separates and lenghtens your lashes so easily and beautifully. When I first tried this mascara, I was surprised by how massive my lashes were. I was seriously impressed and I wish I had this mascara stocked up for the rest of my life! ( can someone arrange this maybe?)

Also, the packaging. How pretty does it look?! I love how the information it gives you is all in one space and then the rest of the space is covered by the beautiful lash design.
On the bottom of the mascara you find the sticker with the colour and it has a little arrow too, which tells you to lift this sticker and then you get the amount and where it's made underneath. So basic. So elegant. Love it!

And now over to the Little Black Liner, that I was actually a little bit afraid of at first. It's due to the fact that I didn't have the best experience with liquid liner and then I switched to gel liner and my life was changed. Yet, I was still very excited to try it and I was hoping that my liquid liner skills would get better. So, this liner has a felt tip, which is actually very nice and surprisingly easy to use. You get a very pretty winged look with this thin tip. But, that's not all! If you wish to wear a thicker line, no problem! Just use the other end, which has a thicker tip, which is actually shaped pretty weirdly. You can also flip the liner and you will get an even thicker line! So, you get 3 eyeliners in just 1 packaging. Genius!

I am also so happy that this eyeliner is SO pigmented and that it stays on without smudging all day long. At work it really gets hot and towards the end of my shift I already feel my make-up sliding off my face with the sweat and then I look in the mirror and my gel liner is like vanished. But with this felt tip liner my wings are still beautiful and bold and I simply love it!

Here's me with my new Estée Lauder make-up, let me know what you think!

A big thank you to Douglas again, for choosing me to test these beautiful products!




  1. The eyeliner looks like a very promising product! I haven't tried any Estee Lauder products and I'm on the hunt for a new liner so I'm definitely gonna check that one out! The mascara packaging oddly reminds me of Revlon mascaras, haha!

    Kim |

    1. The eyeliner is really great! I'm impressed and it literally takes me just a few seconds to apply it! :)


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