Sunday, 23 October 2016

Cosy Autumn Outfit

The Semester has only begun 2 weeks ago and I am already running out of time. I don't get to blog regularly anymore because of my days at uni and work, so all I have left to do everyhing is Sunday, and this again is not enough when I have to do all my homework, revision, house work, vlog editing, blogging etc.

I also thought we would have a nice warm, sunny autumn, but turns out it is only grey, freezing and windy, often rainy and you really don't want to leave the house anymore.

One day I was looking through my wardrobe and I realised that most of my stuff is great for summer, but not warm enough for the colder months, so I decided to get some new more cosy bits in.
Now, over tha last few weeks I was wearing the same jumper over and over again. Even in one vlog I realised that I wore it everyday! It's so chunky and warm that I never want to take it off, so it looks like I need to get more new jumpers in the next weeks.

I also realised that I had so many pairs of jeans and only one would fit me nicely, but since it's a low rise jegging it won't go with every top, and after weeks of struggling with finding a good outfit ( and always opting for skirts instead) I thought it was about time I went into town to have a look at some high waisted jeans. And I absolutely hate jeans shopping because I can NEVER find a nice looking one. But, before I started wearing skirts on a daily basis I used to shop my jeans at Bershka only so I gave it a try this week. And I actually found a pair that I love! ( And it was so cheap!)

grey chunky sweater- Forever21
grey washed high rise skinny jeans - Bershka
 black suede boots - Voegele Shoes 
burgundy cross body bag - Vigneron

The jeans are suuper elastic and I took the jumper in size M so it's a bit bigger on me and more comfy. I love this outfit and I could seriously wear it every day now!

Such a shame I have to wear my winter jacket already on top of all that cosiness.

Did you already change your wardrobe for Autumn?



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