Saturday, 8 October 2016

Ziaja Cosmetics Haul + Discount Code!

 Hey everyone! Being ill and not having to work nor study gives me enough time for blogging, which is nice because I got pretty crap at blogging lately.

Today I'm back with a post about a few new things I've tried from Ziaja.
I got all the products a few weeks ago and wanted to spend some time testing them all before writing a whole blog post about them. Now the time has come, so let's get straight into it!

The first product is the Ziaja Grapefruit with green mint hand soap and this is a new addition to their range actually, so I just had to test it straight away!
I totally fell for the beautiful monochrome look of the soap, with the pretty writing and the cute red grapefruit on the bottom. I wish all soaps would look as beautiful as this one. 

The soap smells heavenly ( I do love the scent of grapefruits!) and for some reason I really like shower gels and soaps that smell of grapefruits.
What surprised me about the soap is that it's bright green, but I guess mint is green so it's adequate.
The soap gets rid of grease and bad smell quickly, leaving your hands very clean, soft and moisturised! 
The soap also comes in 3 different scents: Grapefruit & green mint, tea & cinnamon, tamarind & green orange. 
I'm sure the tea & cinnamon one will be amazing for the colder months of the year, so I also have to try that one out!

The second product is the Ziaja Manuka Tree purifying paste for oily & combination skin and oh my god is this great!
My skin has been a bit weird recently, with many clogged pores and dead skin peeling off my nose and this paste saved me just in time!
You use the paste like a face scrub, except that this is REALLY strong. It feels like sanding paper on your skin, so if your skin is really sensitive I would opt for the Manuka Tree wash gel instead. 
The paste is harsh but it feels so good and your skin is so soft and glowing afterwards. It unclogs your pores effectively and prevents blackheads formation, which is exactly what I need. 
I absolutely love this peeling paste and recommend it to everyone who has the same problems as me. It is amazing! I will so have to repurchase this once I'm done with this one.

The next product is a body scrub from the Orange butter range that I've never tried before. It says it's energising and at first I didn't really care but once I was in the shower, all tired and happy for my bed, after just opening the tub I was wide awake! The zingy, fresh smell of oranges fills the bathroom within seconds and somehow it changed my mood for the better.
The scrub has quite harsh particles in a jelly like substance. It cleanses and massages your skin nicely, it enhances blood circulation and brings oxygen to your cells. The scrub immediately made my legs look much firmer and the skin looked glowy and had a healthy colour after all the dead skin cells were removed. 
The bad thing is that when I was using it, it fell in the bath tub and nearly half of it ran out, which made me really sad. It is another product I'm happy to have! It is definitely great for any kind of skin type and it only takes seconds to use it!

Now the Ziaja Subtle Bronze body lotion is something I've seen in Poland already ages ago and always wanted to buy it but was scared of orange patches. However, now I decided to get it and try it out finally. And I love it. This is basically a self tanning lotion, which is much easier to apply evenly than I thought. I used it a couple of times and it always looked very pretty AND natural, so you definitely don't get an orange skin tone, you don't get weird dark streaks when you massage it into your skin thoroughly. It is such a great product to start using when summer ends because you can kind of keep your tan for a longer time and/or stay tanned until the next one! I do tend to get really pale during winter, so let's hope this year it won't be the same. And I also just realised there is even a self tanning face cream, which is even better cause my face always looks so white and unhealthy, so I might also get that one!

And the last product I've tested is a Ziaja regenerating olive oil hair conditioner. Now I never go for natural hair products because they always make it look even worse, but this time I thought: You can't go wrong with a natural conditioner. So I ordered one and I have to say that after using it my hair felt really soft and other than that I couldn't tell a difference to what it looks like when I use "stronger" conditioners, so I might as well switch over to this conditioner now.
It is a bit liquid so I had to use quite a lot to spread it well in all of my hair, but the effect was great! I was really surprised. It really does what is says and I think that's important. Plus, it's so affordable that everyone should go and get this! You can also get the matching shampoo and hair mask for a better effect.

To sum up I can say that all of the 5 products were new to me, I didn't read any reviews on them before ordering them and yet they still are all amazing! I think Ziaja really offer great products for such a good price, which is good for trying out new stuff! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and then products I mentioned, for more products go to the online shop of Ziaja Austria :  , order a bunch of cool products and use my DISCOUNT CODE; olivialovesziaja5 to get 5 Euros off your order! ( The code is only valid until the 15th of October, so be quick!)



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