Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Lookbook from Toruń

If you haven't seen the first blog post from my Toruń "series" then check this out first!

The weather was better than I expected it to be and I also packed 4 outfits for the 3 days in case I would get something dirty or if I was too cold or uncomfortable etc.
I am actually really proud of myself because for the first time probably I packed really well and I didn't complain about my choices.

I took two jackets with me, one for the colder days and one for the warmer days. And I have to say that in the mornings and evenings I wore the cream furry jacket from Primark, whereas during the day I wore my bomber jacket from Forever21. And unfortunately for some reason we forgot the camera in the hotel room on the first day, so I don't have any good photos from that day.


I managed to take a quick and rubbish selfie that I sent to my mum after I got ready at the bus station bathroom at 7 am. On the ceremony day I wore this pretty dress in this rusty colour. It's a very body fitted dress with long sleeves but the dress itself is pretty short. It has some interesting detailing on the waist area and I just liked the overall look of it. I got the dress one day before my trip at Forever21. I thought it would also be great for other festive days throughout autumn as well as winter.
On top I wore my cream furry coat from Primark, which is just the softest thing ever! I love wearing it in autumn because it's not too thick, yet it keeps you warm.
I also wore black tights and my black boots and my burgundy Vigneron leather satchel.

After the ceremony we went to the hotel room to leave our luggage there and I changed my jackets because it got just too hot in the other one. Here I'm wearing my beautiful Forever21 bomber jacket that looked amazing with the dress!
My lipstick is Golden Rose Velvet Matte Nr. 16.

On the second day we got up pretty early and went into town to look for a nice cafe to have breakfast at and at that time it was misty and chilly, so I again went for my furry jacket. I also tied my hair in a ponytail that day and I never really realise how long my hair actually is until I see it from behind.

I wore no lipstick that morning because I was about to stuff my mouth with a delicious panini and a raspberry brownie coffee.
I decided to wear my dust pink sweater that I recently got from Forever21 after I realised that the days are getting really cold now and I had no warm sweaters at all. I love the colour of it and how well it goes with burgundy and cream ( and brown- like my hair).

Under the sweater I had my burgundy silky dress from Mango, which has some black mesh detailing at the bottom. ( That you can't see in any of the pictures actually).
I also had black tights on and some woollen black leg warmers and my black boots. I thought the leg warmers looked pretty cool, although I was a bit worried that my legs would look fat.


On the third day I wore some lipstick again, which makes me feel like my face gets more definition, which is good. It's Golden Rose Velvet Matte in the shade 14. I also freshly washed my hair and that's why it looks so ridiculously huge in these photos. Plus, I really need a hair cut so badly but don't know any hairdressers in Vienna, plus I kind of lack the time to go and it drives me crazy.

So, on the last day I wore my furry jacket again, another new Forever21 cardigan, but this time it's a really chunky, cosy one in a pretty dark grey colour. Underneath that I had a pink long sleeved crop top, which nobody could see, but hey, it was there!
My black skirt is more of a sporty one and I got it from Weekday. I like it a lot actually and it's just so comfy because it's elastic and it doesn't slide up my bum, so I don't have to worry that it will be exposed after taking some steps ( Woohoo, great choice!) Plus it also has pockets.
And again I wore black tights and the woollen leg warmers plus my boots. And I carried the umbrella with me all day cause it was raining in the morning before we left our Air B&B but it didn't rain for the rest of the day. Great.

Hope you liked the outfits I picked for that nice weekend away!



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