Thursday, 27 October 2016

National Holiday 2016

Hello everybody!

Yesterday we had our National Holiday here in Austria, so like every year we headed into the city centre for a nice family walk. The weather is actually much better this week than it was over the last ones, which is very good. I could even leave my winter jacket at home, so that's a big plus.
I must say that I was a bit disappointed by this years' National Holiday, because usually it's at one location, every year it's the same one, and this year it was scattered all over different areas, which was very confusing and unusual. But still, it was a nice day out.

After our long walk around all the pretty, cobbled streets of Vienna, we went to a Chinese restaurant for some food, which was so tasty! We ate so much though, that once we got home we all had to nap first. And somehow I didn't manage to put this post up anymore, so that's why I'm doing it today!

I wanted to study all day long today but due to some issues I wasn't home til now, so I only have a few hours left to revise.
Tomorrow is just another busy day- first I have a uni class early in the morning and then I have to work for the rest of the day + Saturday too.

I wanted to wear something more fancy yesterday on that special day, but somehow I again ended up wearing my favourite outfit, which you can also find here!
And here's the outfit I wore last year! ( Much more fancy )

Hope you all Austrian people had a nice day too! :)



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