Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Weekend in Toruń with Eryk

Hello everybody!
After a long break I'm again back with a new blog post. The last week was busy because I was working and studying and on Thursday I was leaving to see my boyfriend Eryk in the Polish army. I went on a 14,5 hour coach ride and arrived in Toruń at 7 am, totally exhausted. I got changed and did my make-up in a bus station bathroom, went to a nearby shop to buy some breakfast and went on a walk around the area before I made my way to the military ground. The ceremony started at 12 but since there were 315 people about to become soldiers, their whole families were waiting there impatiently. I think there were around 2000 people there and I felt like I'm gonna get either lost or squashed. After the ceremony Eryk could leave the place over the weekend so we could spend the 3 days together, exploring a new city and enjoying the time of just the 2 of us.
We went to so many places, to so many restaurants and shops and I feel like I could do this every day and it wouldn't get boring with my love.

I thought you'd like to see some footage of the weekend, so first of all, go and check out the VLOG which is already up on my channel, or check out the photos now and watch the video after that.

Hope you'll enjoy this post! :)

PS: All the photos are taken by Eryk cause he is the better photographer of us :D

I'll also post a more outfit realted post soon, so stay tuned! :)



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