Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Empty Products

It's been a while since I've written an empties post, so here are the products I've used up during my summer holidays. I collected eight different products this time and there are already some empties-to-be in my beauty products already!

I bought this small bottle of Bioderma in February but didn't use it every day as at home I always used make-up removing wipes. But there have been days when I just preferred using some liquid cleanser. And I've had a big bottle of Bioderma already earlier on so I knew I'd love it. When I went on holidays to Poland and when I travelled to Scotland I was using my Bioderma on a daily basis and I was really happy with how it worked on my skin. My skin wasn't irritated or something and the make-up was removed very quickly and easily as well. I actually don't know where I can get Bioderma in the UK, but I would definitely repurchase it any time. Currently I'm using the Simple make-up remover, which I was already using during my stay in Scotland in April, so I don't need another face cleanser just now.

The gingerbread shower gel from Joanna I bought in Poland is already empty, but it was a small bottle and it was very obvious to me that I will use it up very quickly. I bought it just to try it out and because the smell was so amazing. It says that it is a limited edition so I am not sure if I'll be ever able to repurchase it but at least I've tried it. I would say that it is a usual shower gel and I didn't really feel that it moisturised my skin or something, but the smell was so nice! Maybe the colour of it isn't too pretty but never mind.

Another shower gel that has been laying empty in the corner of my closet for a longer time is the Original Source shower gel that smells like strawberries and vanilla. It is a larger bottle than the gingerbread one and I bought it back in April and again the smell made me buy it. It doesn't really foam up while using it, but it surely leaves a nice fruity smell on your skin. I've used this shower gel for two weeks and then I had a longer break as I left it in Scotland and when I came back I again used it for about two weeks and then it was empty. I see this shower gel on sale quite often in ASDA and also in drugstores so once I have no idea what shower gel to buy I will surely repurchase one of these, but maybe in a different scent this time.

While being in Poland I obviously needed a hair shampoo and I don't know why but every time I am there I either buy this one or one from the brand Timotei. I always liked the Naturia hair shampoo as it smells really refreshing and it also looks cool, is not expensive and it comes in a smaller bottle, which is handy when you're on holidays. Now, the Timotei shampoos always look very good and I often end up buying these but then I always regret it a bit as I feel like they don't clean my hair properly. To me it seems like it is still a bit greasy although I just washed it. I am not too sure what to say about this product because I don't really see any difference when I use this shampoo or a different one in terms of how my hair looks like, just that it feels more greasy. This bottle contains almond oil and jasmine extract, which seems quite healthy and it also says that it has no colorants or parabens, which also seems good. But as I said, I'd be very thankful if it cleaned my hair rather that it is as natural as possible. I just generally think that no silicone shampoos just don't work at all for my hair so I just prefer buying the "stronger" ones as they really work better for me at least.
And again this shampoo has a really nice, luxury smell, but it really doesn't foam up at all, at least on my thick hair and therefore it seems to me that it doesn't wash my hair and I wouldn't really recommend it to everyone.

Two very summery products.. The first one is my really really loved body mist from AVON. The scent is called Cherry Blossom and I can really say that this is amazing! The mist is so light and on hot summer days it is just a must-have for me. You can spray it on your body and it is so refreshing and cooling. It is a 100 ml bottle so you can even take it on an airplane without a problem. I totally loved this body mist and some time ago me and Ela, my house mate, found out that we have the exact same one but she still has a little left of it, not like me. I preferred using this than perfume as it just feels lighter on your skin and it just has a fresher smell. It also has a plastic bottle and this is also a big plus for me as I always carried this around in my bag wherever I went to. And for this reason it surely is better to have a plastic than a glass bottle. I am not too sure whether I will be able to order it again but I will surely try.

When I am tanning, I want to get a tan as quickly as possible. Especially this summer I really wanted it as most of it I've spent in Scotland, where the sun is not that hot and where you don't have as many sunshine as in Poland or Austria. For this reason I started tanning right when the first hot sunshine came in June and I had a tan enhancing spray from Piz Buin, which I also totally love for the smell and consistency. But once I arrived in Poland my mum managed to buy herself and for me too this Ziaja spray. It smells like cocoa butter and it is an oil. It is greasy, but at least it really helps you get a tan faster. When I came to Scotland and we had a heat wave, I used to lay in the garden at 9 or 10 am already to tan and I was using this Ziaja oil to help out a bit. I really got tanned over here, probably due to the spray, and I never thought that I could get such a tan in just an hour here in Scotland. I've used this product so often in June and July that sadly it is empty already. But as it got chilly already and the sun is barely shining, I wouldn't even have the occasion to use it. This means that I have to wait for the next summer to buy a new one and to get a nice tan again.

The last two products have also been empty for quite a while now. In Poland I bought these little wet wipes from Cleanic and again, these are just a must-have for me in summer, but also during any other time of the year. You can never be wrong with having some nice smelling wipes in your bag. If you are eating ice cream or a pizza or just to refresh your hands in town, this is just great! You get 15 wipes, which is not too much, but at least that's something. Better than nothing, right? They are not too expensive, but of course compared to normal baby wipes where you get about 80 of them, they are expensive. But still, I do love them and they don't make your hands sticky, they smell really nice, are handy and even contain antibacterial liquid. For travelling and summer I just totally recommend such wipes.

And the last product for today is my Lancome Photogenic Lumessence make-up. I left it in Scotland back in April as I bought the Collection Concealer and took that one back to Vienna. It says that it is a light-mastering and smoothing make-up that lasts for 14 hours, and it has SPF 15. I have it in shade 01, Beige Albatre and it matches my skin tone quite well. However, I am not sure if it is worth paying 30 pounds for 30ml. The one I have is just a 10ml bottle and obviously cheaper. Still, I think that the Collection concealer does a better job when it comes to my under-eye circles. This make-up is also more of a liquid than a cream.
I surely wouldn't repurchase it, as I have a cheaper and better concealer already.

I again hope that maybe I could help you with my short reviews about these products and I would also be happy if you wrote me your opinion about one of these products if you have one!




  1. if you want to buy polish cosmetics in the UK, I recommend you :) they have a lot to choose from and also the prices are very good I would say. Also I see you like 'hair stuff' there is a shop in south bridge called 'Sally' they have litteraly everything! varieties of shampoos, conditioners, hair care etc. I definitely recommend this shop :)

    1. Oh, well, thank you very much for that info! :)