Monday, 4 August 2014

Big News!

More than a week ago we went to the Scottish SPCA to see some ferrets. We found one that we liked a lot and wanted to pick him up a week later. Today we actually called the centre to ask if we can come over to rehome a ferret, they told us that the one we wanted is already gone. But they also told us that there are two babies that can be taken home already. At this time we were actually going home from town as I had to sort out some things and we decided to take the pet box with us and to go and see the babies. Once we arrived there we saw two small ferrets and to be honest they looked nearly identical! The guy asked us which one we'd like to take with us but we really didn't mind. We also picked up a huge cage while waiting for the adoption documents to get done and then finally left with our cute baby ferret. We actually also went to Scotmid for a second to buy some food for it as it needs softer food more than crisps.
Everyone asked us what we had in the box and everyone wanted to see the baby!

So at home we decided to call her Maya. She is a cute little girl, who is really active right now and we can't even let her run around because we just wouldn't be able to catch her. I also tried to take many many pictures but she'd moving so fast that 98% of them are just blurry.
She is nipping quite a lot and we are scared of her because my hand was bleeding already and Patryk's aswell. We just put her back into the cage and we thought that she'd sleep but Eryk is just took her out again. We want to go downstairs in a minute to let her maybe run around in the living room and let her play with her ball, maybe she'll get calmer after that.

We are so happy to have a pet finally and we hope that Maya is going to give us happiness every day from now on.



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  1. aww so cute!! id love it if youd comment back xx