Saturday, 9 August 2014

Wasp Attack And Ferret Playtime

Today i was in the garden with my house mate and we were chatting a bit. I was standing and I was wearing shorts and just a spaghetti top as it was really warm. Suddenly a crazy wasp flew by and she just stung me right into my thigh without any reason! This was so painful that I ran upstairs and Eryk wanted to see if my leg was alright but when he wanted to touch it it was just so sore that I was basically screaming. Not good. it is good to poor some vinegar on the place you got stung but we didn't have any at home so I even called my parents what to do to get rid of the pain but they also told me to get some vinegar. Well, so I had to cope with the pain throughout the whole day. Some time later Eryk and I went outside because we needed to go to the bank. However it was closed already and we went back home. It was a really sunny and warm day but it is also very very windy!
When we came home, Karina, Eryk's sister, already arrived as she's going to stay with us for the next two weeks.

Karina and I soon went on a walk and brought Eryk to work. We then did some grocery shopping and took the bus back home. There we cooked a healthy meal, which was very tasty and we also had a nice chat together. We are actually so full that we decided to clean up later and to have a rest just now. Karina is playing with Maya and it looks like Maya is not scared of her but actually likes playing with her a lot. She is very active and playful today, which is so cute but also very hard to look after her.
She just got her supper and she should go to sleep in some minutes.

We don't know what we're going to do tomorrow and I also don't know how the weather's going to be and if Eryk's going to be at work. But I will find out.

vest: New Look, satchel: FOSSIL, shorts: local shop in Poland, lipstick: New CID  9056 Strawberry Souffle




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