Monday, 25 August 2014

First Day Of College

Well, the time has come. School's just begun again. But this time it is slightly different than it was over the last few years.  Today I had my induction day in college and it was a new experience to me. Obviously, school in Scotland is a bit different from school in Austria. It is not what I know and it surely is confusing at the moment.

The first different thing is that this school year started for me today, on the 25th of August. Now usually school always started in September for me. Also, the language is a different one and this means that even the easiest organisational things are more complicated for me to understand sometimes. It's not a big deal for me as I know that language is the smallest issue to me and that I will get used to it with time and I will also learn it.
Once I arrived at the Sighthill Campus today with Eryk I was a bit nervous because of the new situation. Eryk helped me find my class room and there were already some people waiting inside. What confused me a lot was that there were many people way older than me. I wasn't too sure if this was the right class room, but it was. Eryk then went home and I stayed in college for the next 2,5 hours. Thankfully we didn't start with Spanish straight away because my mind would be blown. The tutor, who by the way is really kind, informed us about all the course things like exams, attendance, books and so on. The thing I was disappointed with was that he actually thought that there was no need to show us the  college itself as probably all of us know how it looks like. Sadly, I have no idea where what is, apart from an elevator, and I wish he made a little tour with us. Another thing that surprised me was that we need to buy the work book ourselves and it costs 24£! Just a single book! In Vienna I'd have books for 14 subjects for this price and I wouldn't even need to go somewhere to buy them. This means that tomorrow I will order the book from Amazon, just as he advised us to do it. The lessons are really long I think, because we had a break after more than an hour! I got really tired and I tried my best to not fall asleep. I don't even remember any more what else confused or surprised me.

Tomorrow I'll go to college again but actually to Higher French this time. I'll basically have school from Monday until Thursday always from 1:30 to 4 in the afternoon. I'm not super happy with that as I don't know that I could do until 1:30. Hopefully I'll be working sometime soon!

Today I just wanted to give you an idea of what my first day in college looked like and of course you can ask me something and I will try to answer your question if possible.

And to not bore you too much, here are some pictures I took this morning before college :)



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