Sunday, 3 August 2014

What's in my bag? - Every day in Scotland

As I haven't done these kinds of posts in a longer time, I thought It'd be nice to show you what I take with me now to town, to the shop on a daily basis. I currently only use my newest bag., which is a leather satchel from FOSSIL. If you haven't seen the post about it, you can click here to see it now.

As it is summer time and the sun is out most of the time I have my glasses from M&S with me.

Also, I like to wear lipstick sometimes, so I have my Golden Rose Velvet Matte Nr. 12 lipstick packed. But on other days I just prefer lip balm, so I have my favourite one from Yves Rocher in Noix de Coco in my bag at any time.

I take my phone everywhere with me even though I can't text or call anyone and I can only use WIFI just now. I should finally get a British number and maybe a new phone. Also, as I didn't want to carry around our big camera with me, I am happy that I bought this little Canon compact camera. It is really handy and fits perfectly into the small pockets in my bag.

I have my FOSSIL purse, which I got for Christmas with all the paper money and cards and lately I bought a small pouch for lose changer because as I am going by bus nearly every day I just need the coins for the bus tickets. And as school starts soon I am finally going to get myself a Ridacard so I don't need to pay for every single fare. This small cute pouch is from Primark by the way.

Things in my life have changed. Basically as I've moved out from my parents house and nobody does the shopping and cooking for me anymore I just need to do it on my own. I like cooking and baking but you need to have many ideas for every day meals and they are not so easy to remember. So I've scribbled down all my favourite recipes into this small notebook and I always take notes of what I need to buy when I do the shopping. This is one of my life savers at the moment.

Also some other small things in my bag are: my girl tin with all small important things, some Halls for my sore throat, tissues, a hair band and also a second battery for my camera. 
And the last two things I could find are my GABS shopping bag and some Carex hand sanitiser. I don't know why some pictures keep turning around even though they are not taken that way. It annoys me that I can't change it for you and I hope that you forgive me. 

 When I look at this picture I realise that there are so many things stored in this small bag that it reminds me of my classmates who were always shocked by how many things I could pack into the smallest bags.

This was the content of my bag and I hope that you enjoyed it this time!



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