Sunday, 10 August 2014

Challenging Activities And Food

Yesterday was a long night for all of us. The boys were outside chatting and planning things until 3:30. Karina and I were watching Daydream Nation downstairs and we were trying really hard to not fall asleep. When the film ended Karina went to bed and I went outside for a while to ask Eryk when he's going to go to bed. Then I laid down in my bed with Maya and we had some late night snuggles together until Eryk came at about 3:50 in the morning. We woke up a bit late after so little sleep, but we had tasty breakfast and didn't plan to go anywhere really because it is raining heavily constantly today.
But after breakfast Eryk and I went to the shop to buy some small things and when we came home we finally wanted to clean Maya's cage so that it smells nice and is really clean again. We had to take her out for the period of time we were washing and redecorating the cage and this was already quite challenging because she just won't stand still and Eryk had to look after her all the time. And she pooped on the floor, but nevermind.
When the cage was pretty we decided that it was also time for Maya to take her first bath. We put her slowly into the bath tub and we only filled it with very little water. When her feet touched the water she freaked out and was crying so badly and trying to jump out that it was funny and sad at the same time. Eryk held her in his hands while I was trying to wash her a bit but she was so scared and shaking so badly! We tried to end her bath as soon as possible to not stress her anymore. So we took her towel she is sleeping in and covered her and Eryk cuddled her for a long while until she finally stopped shaking. When her fur was nearly dry we put her back into her cage with the towel and it took her a while to fall asleep. When she woke up later her fur was so much nicer, it was much softer and prettier!
When Eryk was trying to fix a computer game and Karina was watching videos downstairs on her laptop, I took Maya with me and laid down on the couch in front of Karina. Maya was playing with my hands for a while but I started stroking her behind her ears and she fell asleep so fast! I was stroking her head all the time when she was sleeping on my chest like a baby. She was so calm and cute and I was really happy that she fell asleep on me finally. She was sleeping for probably an hour, which also surprised me a lot. Then she woke up and Eryk played a bit with her and took her to the cage later on. In the afternoon Eryk had to leave for work and Karina and I cooked a nice meal again. We then ate it and cleaned up afterwards, and are now so full again that we can't move.



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