Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Life is Complicated

Yesterday I had an appointment at the job centre to get a National Insurance Number in order to open up a bank account, which I also needed for work. I got a paper saying that I applied for the number and that I can start work already. Well, today I had an appointment at the bank to finally open up the account. But soon it turned out that I need more than one letter as proof of address, which I obviously couldn't get anywhere yet because I can't do anything. It is really complicated to get these things sorted out and I really hope that applying for council tax will solve all the problems.

Before going to the bank I also went to New Look and I bought myself a vest and a sweater. There are so many people in town that it is unbelievable! I remember Edinburgh Festival last year, it was the same thing! Thousands of people in the streets everywhere, you can't even concentrate on where you want to go to because you just have to stick with the crowd basically to get anywhere.

PS: This is a bank.

Tomorrow Eryk has another day off from work and if the weather is going to be like today we will go somewhere hopefully. It was nice and warm today so I was happy. I wore a dress and sandals only and actually when I came home in the evening and it started raining a bit and it cooled down by the time, I froze a bit, but throughout the day the weather was really nice.

Our Maya is a really cheeky girl, she is so young, but so smart! She always tries to find a way to escape and she even bites us if she is really hungry. She is squeaking so loud and when she eats she makes such loud weird noises that we just can't stop laughing. She is a very clean girl and has her toilet in one corner of her big cage and she only goes there if she needs to. This is actually really helpful because we don't need to clean up the whole cage everyday but just one corner.

She already started stealing things! When she saw my slipper in the room she just pulled it around and wanted to bring it into the cage. When we wanted to take it away she just wouldn't let go. So as a result of this we gave her my different slippers to play with and she seems to quite enjoy them as well.

She is so cute when she's asleep! She is kind of like a kitten and puppy and baby altogether! 

And she likes eating. Hopefully she can control herself and won't get fat!



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