Friday, 22 August 2014

Super Busy Day

I am so sorry that I didn't manage to upload any post earlier and that I didn't prepare a nice topic to write about for today but we've been busy literally all day long. We got up at 7 as Eryk needed to go to work and I went to his old house and helped his mum with some cooking, which took us about three hours or so to finish. I also got to see Eryk's baby sister for the first time (FINALLY!), and she is already nearly four months old! Also, I saw Karina and Paige as well when they came home from school. In the late afternoon Eryk and Patryk picked me up and we had to go and sort out some things about Eryk's college. And after that we finally came home for some minutes, and soon we had to leave as we needed to do some grocery shopping again. Of course, once going to ASDA you'll spend like an hour there until you actually can go back to the car park.
So we just arrived at home about thirty minutes ago and we unpacked all our bags and also thanks to Eryk's mum we have so many things now in our cupboard.
It is really getting late and I just wanted to keep you updated, so I'm going to take a quick shower, remove my make up and go to bed as tomorrow I will need to get up at seven again to get some work done.

Such a nice view in the morning! 

Eryk found this cute agenda from ASDA and he decided to buy it for me as soon college starts and I need to be super organised at any time. I like it so much, it's so cute!

And my OOTD: fluffy cardi from H&M, silky floral vest from Primark and a burgundy glittery skater skirt from Primark as well. And tights obviously.
By the way, yesterday I tried out the Tresemme Keratin Spray and I love it! Smells so nice and really does its job. The only bad thing is that my hair gets greasy more quickly.



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