Saturday, 16 August 2014

Very Lazy Day

Today when I woke up I thought there was a tsunami or tornado outside, I swear! The wind was so loud that it seemed like waves are coming towards us. And we don't live near the sea, hahahaha. I was really scared and even Eryk jumped out of bed to check what was going on. But it was ONLY some wind. I would not want to go out during such wind because it would surely take me away. Also my belly was quite sore and I was happy when Eryk suggested to make breakfast for me. When it was ready I went downstairs but still didn't feel to well, even not after eating two big crumpets with raspberry jam and having a really nice cup of tea. I thought that I'd spend the whole day in bed but I somehow didn't. Karina and I did our make up together, sitting next to each other in front of my big mirror while Eryk was playing Counter Strike. I thought that this was quite nice and I enjoyed it.
I also managed to tidy up my make-up space a bit so that I can see everything at any time and so that I can actually keep this place clean. It is only a provisional "make-up table" and it doesn't look too good but as I said, I just wanted to have everything handy and ready to use without needing to first find all the things I need to get my make-up done.

I finally got my brows done in an acceptable way. I hope that they will start growing in this nice shape instead of where they want, which results in me not knowing what to do with them.

Also, I painted my nails white using my new Barry M nail polish in colour Matte White. (It is not matte)

Oh, and I also had my first accident in this house. I have no idea how I managed to do this but I seriously fell down the stairs. Well, not only a little bit but the whole way down and I was screaming, laughing and crying at the same time. I made quite a bit of noise and I think that Karina and Eryk nearly got a heart attack. I am still laughing and crying out of laughter because this was really silly. Thank God the stairs are covered in carpet so I didn't really hurt my poor bum.
The rest of the day we were laying in bed playing with Maya and trying to eat Ben&Jerry's ice cream so that Maya wouldn't steal it from us. She got so hyper and aggressive that she was climbing on top of my shoulder and then jumping down trying to get into the ice cream box. This is crazy!
Here are some pictures as well if you want to see this cheeky girl.

Some time ago Eryk left for work and I did the washing up, and now Karina and I are sitting upstairs, each of us in front of the computer or laptop. Maya is finally asleep and she's not trying to get out of the cage nearly killing herself, which is nice.

Also, we went to ASDA last night because we needed some food supplies again and we also got some snacks for the next two weeks! We are a bit crazy, but nevermind...
The Polish crisps reminded us of last summer when we were in Czaplinek and there was a bar next to the lake and we always bought these there. 

Ok, I'll go now and enjoy my lazy day with Karina. :)



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