Thursday, 7 August 2014

Battle Of The Sugar Scrubs

I've been using two different body scrubs over the last couple of weeks.

One of them is one I bought in Poland, from Bielenda. This one is a 200 ml tub and costs 14 zl, which is approximately 3 pounds. The sugar scrub smells like cherries and contains oil from blackcurrants, which helps regenerating your skin and works anti ageing. It is said to make your skin smoother and softer and so on.
This body scrub is available in three scents (as far as I've seen):  cherry, raspberry and peach.

I used this product very often already and I am really happy that I got it. The smell is so refreshing and the scrub itself has so much sugar in it that you only need a small amount of it to peel your arms, legs and belly.
Once you rinse it, you can feel a gently greasy layer on your skin. When you dry your skin with a towel it will be gone but your skin feels moisturised and really really soft. The dead skin particles are gone and this is basically what you need. And you smell nice. What else do you want?
For this price it is a really amazing product in my opinion, it really does everything it should do and if I had the chance I'd buy more than just one tub of these.
As you can see in the pictures above, there is such a tiny bit of it left that it makes me sad.

The other body scrub I bought just recently in Boots is from Soap&Glory. It is a 300 ml tub and costs 8 pounds. The scrub smells like fresh limes and contains almond oil, macadamia grains brown sugar and sweet lime. It sadly does not give any information about the product in terms of what it exactly does. But the design is really cute and basically all it has to do is to freshen up your skin.

I used this product only one to two times but also here I realised that small amounts of it will be alright to peel your body nicely and the smell will make you feel very fresh and clean, especially in summer this is probably something everybody wants! As here you also have the macadamia grains in addition to the sugar it maybe is even a bit more efficient than the Bielenda scrub. I however didn't feel the slightly greasy layer afterwards, but my skin definitely felt smooth and looked pretty. I'd say that it is a bit expensive because I also don't know how many times I'm going to use it. But I think that it is totally worth trying it out when there is maybe a 3 for 2 offer in Boots or if the price is going to be reduced maybe. If I had the money I'd totally buy it again.

This means to me that I couldn't decide which scrub I like better and I just think that one is more affordable than the other one, but there is probably no big difference between these two scrubs. I'd repurchase both when needed. The only thing is that one is available only in Poland and the other one only in the UK, which means to me that I won't be able to buy both of them either in Poland nor in Scotland at the same time.

Have you tried one of these? If yes, what's your opinion on it?



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