Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Going On Walks Together

Today Eryk has a day off from work and he made breakfast for us after we woke up.
While I was waiting for the food I had a chat with my mum on Skype after some days break because I didn't manage to see her online. Noah starts to ask where I am and why I am not coming home where he is. It makes me a bit sad but I know that he is okay and will understand that I go to school and so on.

I was sitting in bed for a long time after breakfast, having some cuddles with my sleepy baby Maya. She is so cute when she's asleep that I could sit with her in bed all the time.

I think she grew already a bit over the last week. She is so long when she stretches herself and sleeps like that!
In the afternoon Eryk and I went for a walk together and it actually is finally warm today! I mean, it is not hot but warm enough to not wear a jacket or hoodie or stuff like that. I actually wore tights underneath my skirt and my fluffy cardigan but I realised that I could have gone without the cardigan as well. The tights were to make sure nobody sees my bum if the wind gets too extreme. We wanted to go to the bakery to buy apple turnovers with cream but it was closed and we decided to go on Friday in the morning. These apple turnovers are just a dream! They are a bit too big for how sweet it gets after a while so I didn't eat all of it last time I bought it, but it seriously is one of my favourite things to eat!
Well, a day in bed means snacks in bed! Got my Volvic Berry water, Earl Grey tea, Double Chocolate Digestive biscuits and a cherry pie.

These are SO tasty!

Well,so we then came back home and I don't feel too well today so I had some snuggles with Maya again and then had a short nap while Eryk was on the computer. Then he took Maya out of her cage and we were all laying together in bed for a while.

I am totally in love with her! <3

Look at her tiny paws! So cute!

Now I got up and managed to write this small update for you guys. I also included a OOTD!
floral vest: Primark, skirt: H&M, cardigan: H&M, tights: Scotmid, shoes: Lasocki

nails: Barry M-Berry, wristbands: Apart, FOSSIL and "Eryk" engraved wristband from Kolobrzeg.



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