Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Confused And Traumatised

Today Eryk went to college in the morning and I decided that I'd like to stay in bed for one more hour. It was so sunny that I opened the window to let the warm air in. But the air was freezing and I was shocked and knew that I'd be wearing a cardigan and my jeans jacket to college. I eventually got up and had some breakfast, cleaned the cage, did my make up and checked my bus route before leaving. At 12 Eryk wrote me that he's in his way home and I had to left so we didn't see each other for half of the day.
Well, so I hurried to the bus stop because I really didn't want to miss the bus as I knew that I'd need to go on another bus after 15 minutes and didn't want to waste any time, didn't want to be late.
Once I got off the first bus I was waiting for the second one and it said that this bus will be here in 20 minutes. This shocked me a lot because I'd probably be late then. However, there was a different bus that just arrived and I asked the bus driver whether he was going to the Sighthill Campus and he said yes, so I quickly took a seat and I felt relieved. This bus was surely not going to the campus I can tell you. The driver just passed the university and college and I thought that he was just having a different route. But soon I realised that this bus won't bring me to where I need to go. So I got off and went back the last three or even four stops until I was standing in front of the university again. I asked a lady about the next bus stop for the right bus and she showed it to me so I ran over there. It turned out that this was the bus to the wrong direction and I asked a young lady if she could help me so she said that I could walk there so I did. I had 15 minutes left until the course started, I couldn't breath anymore, it was hot, I was angry and scared. I saw a woman wearing a jumper with the College logo walking to a bus stop so I followed her and finally knew where I was. The bus was actually due and I decided to wait a minute for it and this one finally took me to the Campus. Once I arrived there I had to find the class and I couldn't find the elevator so I ran upstairs, four floors, which is a total torture to me, and at first I couldn't find my class there. I was so confused already! But soon I found the class, knocked on the door and asked if this was the right classroom and it was. All the people there were doing something and a guy told me to sit down and I thought he was the teacher, but it turned out that the tutor was still in a different course and would be with us in 5 minutes. This means that I wasn't late, but traumatised and really confused, exhausted and hot. But I made it!

The tutor turned out to be a really nice and fun, young guy. We got all the important information about the course and had to write down some things about ourselves that we had to read out to the class later on. I got to know two girls that are nice and I hope that this course is really going to be a good choice.

After that we could go home and I could finally eat my Polish strawberry dumplings we've bought the other day. :)

I swear, this is gonna be my favourite jam ever!

Princess breakfast!

Can you tell I'm obsessed with Twinings tea?

These are all the products I've used to do today's make-up :)

I wore the same blouse as yesterday, but just with my Dorothy Perkins jeggings and my black Vans. I also added a slim belt.

<3 Too good!

And also, my bag started looking like a typical school bag again! 




  1. Replies

  2. Can you speak French fluently ?

  3. What's your dream job ?

  4. Do a post about what you ate through the day :)

    1. I can try but I don't have a food plan, I never eat regularly or something. I just eat what I want whenever I want. Just not after 11 pm. :)

  5. Do you have any tips for easly studing French and how you learn it ?

    1. I can't really help you with that as I don't have any tips to be honest. I grew up using both German and Polish and at the age of 4 I started learning English. Learning languages is nothing difficult for me and I don't even really learn. I just revise if I need to and that's really it.