Friday, 15 August 2014

Small Beauty And Jewellery Haul

Today Eryk and I went to the bakery in the morning to have so tasty breakfast in the park and again I forgot to take a picture of the cream apple turnover I had. It is so delicious but again I didn't eat all of it, but nearly!
After our breakfast Eryk went back home and I took the bus to town as I wanted to buy myself a jumper, but I didn't find any that I'd like, so well. I bought the other things I needed and also found some small jewellery bits.

Well, so I went to Boots, Topshop and Accessorize.

In Topshop I found this beautiful midi-ring that is not closed, there is a small gap between the ball and the flower. The ball and the flower are shiny and I thought that this ring looks totally adorable. 
Then in Accessorize I found the midi-ring with the pink heart on it and I thought that it was so cute and when I found out that it only costs 60p I had no other choice but to buy it immediately. 

And last time when I was in Accessorize I saw this daisy bracelet already and wanetd to buy it so badly but after a long time of thinking about it I decided to leave it in the shop. Today however, I felt like I needed it so much and that it looks just too adorable to not buy it. And as it is still summer I thought that it would make a nice statement on my wrist.

And I went to Boots to buy some things that I needed because I am running out of them.

Good, so my eyebrows are currently a TOTAL mess because they are not growing in the right place and they are growing where I don't need them. So now I decided not to pluck them for a longer time so that they can grow back finally. It annoys me a lot because I hate the current shape of my brows and I has no brow definition kit over here. At home I do have one but I left it for my mum. And now I am just angry because I look like a total idiot without nicely shaped brows. This is why I finally decided to buy this eyebrow kit from beautyuk. I also wanted to buy some tweezers anyways but this kit has already some, so I was even happier that I got it. There are three different shades and a fixing wax, a nice brush with two different ends and also some baby tweezers.

I also wanted to have a good white nail polish and on a blog I've read once that the BarryM one is good, but actually this was a Gelly collection one. I however couldn't find it so I just went for the classic white one. And I have to say that two coats look already really nice, and if not then the third one really covers up any lighter places. I am so happy I found one (it was also the last one again) because I thought that it would look great on summery tanned hands. And it really does! I mean I am not so tanned as I wished I was, but still a bit.

And the last two things are shampoos, because I bought one from Garnier Ultimate Blends and more than half of it is already gone! Notice: I washed my hair 4 times with this shampoo yet! And as I am scared that I will run out of shampoo, which really would NOT be fun, I just decided to buy another one just to have it already at home. And this is actually the shampoo I was really looking forward to using in the UK. Everytime I've been to Scotland until now, I've always used TRESemme shampoo and I loved it! I hope that this time it won't disappoint me either! Well, I bought a 900ml bottle that is currently reduced in Superdrug from 5 to 2,50 pounds! That's a nice bargain I'd say!

There are days when my hair is not so clean anymore and it is just hanging down on the sides of my face and I don't want to put it up into a bun because I know that it will look ridiculous. I would like to braid the sides a bit and clip them back or something that would make my hair look actually pretty, but without dry shampoo it wouldn't work at all! Now in Vienna I had my Batiste dry shampoo but I've used all of it in Poland on holidays and didn't manage to buy a new one. I am not saying that it makes my hair look or feel cleaner, but it changes the texture a bit so that it looks better when I try to do something with my hair!
This is the dry shampoo I chose this time. I think it has a nice smell and I hope that it will help me a bit.

These are all the things I bought today and I will use them for sure and I will enjoy using them.

See you tomorrow everyone! :)




  1. those rings are gorgeous! (also as a side note, so are your nails!) i'd love it if youd comment back xx

    1. oh thank you very much! I'd be so happy if my natural nails looked like these, but sadly they don't, so I'm enjoying some fake nails for a while ;)