Friday, 1 August 2014

Mel Dreamed By Melissa

Yesterday while in town I finally managed to buy myself a pair of Mel's by Melissa.

When I first thought of buying Melissa's, I wanted their heels with the cute rubber heart on top of the toe part. I've tried them on and they were really nicely cushioned and comfortable to wear, but the only size I could find was a 6, which I usually buy, but my skin on the sides of my toes was just falling out of the shoes, because they were a tiny bit too small for me and for this reason I decided not to get them.

When I saw this summer that my small cousin Lili has some baby Mel sandals, I just totally fell in love with them and I got so obsessed with these shoes! Hers looked so cute with her tiny feet inside and I just wanted to possess a pair of Mel's as well.

What is very characteristic for these shoes is that they actually smell like something sweet. It is said that they smell of raspberries, but I'd rather say that they smell exactly like Barbie dolls about 12 years ago. I just think that it is exactly the same smell and it isn't a bad one for me, I quite like it. Also, many of you can think that your feet get very sweaty in these rubber shoes but mine actually don't and my feet also don't fall out of them while walking. The rubber on the inside of the shoes has bit of a rougher texture than the one outside, so that's probably why your feet stay in the shoes no matter what.

When I now decided to get myself a pair of them I was wlso tryjng on sandals, which were basically the same model like the one that Lili has, just in an adult size, and I need to say that if I had the money I would buy these ones as well. They look so summery and girly and cute, but when you wear them, they don't really keep your heel in place, your heel is just moving from one side to the other and this makes it quite difficult to walk in.
I also thought that ballet flats can be worn when it is not that summery anymore and this is also a reason why I decided to buy the ballet flats.
Now there were peach ones and these blue ones and first I wanted the other ones but soon I realised that really, 90 % of my dresses, if not more, are blue, or a bit blue at least, so I thought it'd be a better idea to get the blue ones to wear with skirts and dresses as I dont have any other summer flats right now.
Also, the flats and the sandals are both from the summer 2014 collection, which means that they are quite new models!

I've worn mine yesterday in the evening already when I went for a walk and I have to say that they are comfortable because of the soft cushioned sole and the rubber is not hurting for heels or any other part of your feet. The only thing I can say is that I recommend buying a bigger size because they are quite small. Mine are actuslly ok and  think that a 7 would be too big for me so I just went for the 6 but I need to be careful with my toes because they still hurt a bit in such flats and also in these ones. Not that they are too small but my toe nails just need to start growing correctly and this needs some time obviously and soon everything should be alright!

If I had the money for another pair and if I actually found a pair I'd really like, I'd surely buy another pair as I think that these shoes are fun and a bit different but also so cool that I really like them.
They are not that expensive and that's also a point I was looking for in buying shoes just now.

Well, and now it is getting late, I am drinking my Starbucks Frappuccino and I'll have a quick shower and lay down finally.



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