Saturday, 30 August 2014

First Real Day Of Work

Today I had my first day at work. This means that I had to wake up at 6:45 am and I worked from 7:40 am until 5:00 pm. It was a long day but it was quite fun! I thought it would be worse. The people are nice, most of them are about my age, which is really cool. The only bad thing about work is that working in a supermarket means staying in the cold areas for a long time. Longer than expected.
When I arrived in the morning I had to answer some questions about the work situation and things like that. This took me about an hour to complete and I was freezing already!
However, after that I could help a colleague with some tasks and I can say that she is really really kind and I enjoyed staying with her nearly all day long. Later on I also had some till training and two deliveries. I was told to put all the products on the shelves across the whole store and standing in the freezer area for about two hours made me look and feel like standing in the snow during a cold winter, somewhere on a field. My hands were burning red and I couldn't even bend my fingers properly any more. But when I had my lunch break I made myself a cup of tea, which really helped me.
After eight long hours I could finally do some quick shopping and go home and have another big cup of hot tea. Outside it actually wasn't really cold, it's just windy. I unpacked the groceries at home, had my cup of tea, fed Maya and went to see Eryk and also buy ferret food. Eryk's working until 10 pm today, so he still has two hours to go.
Then I took the bus back home and I cooked something to eat because I was really hungry already and I know that Eryk will be hungry too once he's returned from work in the late evening.
I was also talking to my mum and Noah on Skype for a while to tell them how my day was and so on.

Now Maya is playing around in our room and I should take a quick shower and wash my hair before it gets too late. Yesterday I wanted to go to bed at 11 pm but I just couldn't fall asleep and I was angry because of that. So today I need to go lay down as early as possible and of course manage to blow dry my hair first, because tomorrow is already my second day and I need to have enough energy to survive the day.

Ferret goes crazy!



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