Monday, 11 August 2014

Windy Day And Girls In Town

Today Karina, her friend and I went to town because we needed to sort out bank accounts and we also went to Boots for a minute. There are still so many people in town, the streets are crowded and there are artists everywhere. It was so windy outside that it is really horrible! My hair is tangled so much that I am even scared to brush it but I need to because the tangled hair drives me crazy. We were freezing aswell and as we wanted to get onto the bus as quick as possible, the driver just told us that he won't take us so we had to wait for the next one. And we were freezing even more. Then we had to go and get some groceries to prepare dinner. Karina and her friend are staying over tonight so we needed to get some more things than usual. The dinner we cooked together was amazing but I am too full right now and feel like I'm dying.

When we went to Boots I bought myself something I wanted really badly and I hope that it was worth buying! I can't wait to use it and if you want to I will make a review as well.



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