Sunday, 27 September 2015

September Favourites | Beauty

Hello everyone!
I can't believe September is nearly over! I only did the August Favourites some time ago and it turns out it wasn't actually that recently. (watch it here!)

Today I'm back again with some new products that I think are mostly pretty autumn-related, so let's start!

After emptying my previous shower gel, I took the Le Petit Marseillais shower gel out of the cupboard again and basically started using it again after having a break of it. It smells so refreshing and it just makes me feel like I'm somwhere were peach and nectarine juice is produced or something. It also reminds me so much of summer and when I got it and so on. I really need to get some more of it once I'm in Poland again, because those are just brilliant! ( They also come in a bigger size)

Next I got myself a new perfume because my Escada one ( which is my absolute favourite ) is empty, and it makes me sad. I saw this in a drugstore and it was actually in the clearance area, so I tried not to like it too much because I know that I will again, have difficulties finding it later again. It's the Tom Tailor East Coast Club scent for women and it comes in this little cute bottle with a fabric label and ribbon, plus the cap is in a beautiful rose gold colour, which looks so pretty.
It is again a pretty fresh and fruity, kind of sweet scent, that I generally really like. I do enjoy using it a lot but it still isn't as good as my Escada Cherry in the air.

I also got a new concealer by Bobbi Brown, called the Tinted Eye Brightener. I didn't know whether this would be good or not when buying it, but it turned out pretty nice. My undereye circles are still a bit visible but it is surely better than the Rimmel Wake me up concealer! It's consistency is more liquid compared to the Collection Lasting Perfection one, so it's easy to work with. I've been using it every day over this month and am pretty pleased,

Two other Bobbi Brown products I got are Long Wear Shadow sticks in the nude-kid of shade Sand Dune and the dark purple shade called Violet Plum. I absolutely love them and I've been using the lighter shade nearly every day because it just looks so pretty. These shadows also don't smudge, so you can't really blend them in, they are very well pigmented too. I've been using one of them in my latest Make-Up video!

And the last two products I've been using really often this month are darker lipsticks!
First, I've started using the Givenchy lipstick in Sensual Rose 12, which is a beautiful wine red colour, that I think suits my skin tone, hair and eyes pretty well, especially now in Autumn. I also love the elegant packaging of it, which just looks so different and pretty mysterious cause you can't really tell what shade to expect. This lipstick has been laying in my mum's make-up drawer for some time now and I tried it out last time and was so in love. And my mum said that this shade suits me so much more than pink ones and she told me to keep it cause she wouldn't use it any way.

And the last product is my Too Faced Color Bomb lip pencil in shade Bigger Berry, which is also a beautiful Autumn-colour, but this time more of a purple one. I was using this in summer already and also liked it back then. The colour is quite buildable and also glossy, not matte. It does stay on for much longer than the Givenchy lipstick actually, which makes it even a bit better. 




  1. That lip color is amazing for this season! I have to try out some Bobbi Brown stuff, for sure! Great picks! x

    1. Thank you! And you should try it out sometime - their products are pricey but they seem to be great! xx

  2. If you are looking for a good concealer,I would recommend the Revlon one(for the dry skin). It is really good and not too pricey :D

    Also, try one of the hair masks from Le Petit M., they are amazing!

    1. Thanks a lot for your recommendations! I won't get any of those in Austria but I'm sure I could find them in Poland when I'm there again! xx

  3. The Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener is something that I really want to try, maybe I'll pick it up soon. I've never tried the collections concealer before.

    1. The Bobbi Brown one is one of the best I've tried :)
      And the Collection ones are so good and so affordable at the same time! I'd recommend trying this one at first :)