Monday, 14 September 2015

Summer Empties ( Face, Hair, Teeth & Body)

Today I'm back with an Empties- post because I just realised how many things I've hoarded over the last weeks. Let's just start and try to keep the post as short as possible.

I've used a shoe box for now instead of a bag because I find it more handy.

I've used up this big 700ml bottle of my favourite Pantene Pro-V 2in1 Smooth&Sleek shampoo that works just simply the best. I've been writing about this product so many times that I guess you probably all already know it. It makes my thick hair look and feel clean, which not all shampoos do. It also doesn't make it tangled or frizzy or anything - it just does what I want.

Next we have two L'Biotica Biovax hair masks that I've bought at the seaside back in July. I like to use a hair mask once a week when I've got the time, but those are just miracles! My hair is so soft and silky and full and it looks just so perfect! I think I only have one more left at this moment and definitelty need to stock up during my next stay in Poland.

Then I also used up two conditioners/ masks from the L'Oreal Elseve range. They are supposed to instantly repair your hair and again I really liked what this product did to my hair because it looked healthy and smelled so pretty!

I've have the MyFace mattifying sheets for ages and only had a few left during Summer, I didn't use them too often but on days when my skin gets oily all the time and I don't want to wipe off the sebum to not ruin my makeup, they are just so handy and you can put them in your bag/purse because they just don't use up any space at all, and they help! I also believe that they were pretty cheap compared to other ones I've seen. ( This is a brand you get in German drug stores btw.)

When my mum visited me in July she brought me two packs of the Bebe young care face cleansing wipes, which I am pretty sure are the same as the blue Johnson's face wipes ( I haven't tried them thoiugh). I like using the wipes when I'm just too tired to use cotton pads and micellar water and so on. However, after some weeks of using them I realised that they made my skin very oily and I stopped using those and instead started using my Bourjois Micellar Water for waterproof make-up, which is great! Those wipes are also pretty expensive, so it's good to buy them on promotion!

I really love those purple Superfruits Exfoliating Masks from Superdrugs because they are so cheap and smell great and do cleanse my face well, leaving my skin soft and glowy, with no black heads or dry skin patches. I have one left now and will probably need to tell Eryk to send me some more over.

The next face product is a nose strip from a Polish brand called Marion and I only used it two days ago and I have to say that I am disappointed. I've tried German ones about 1,5 years ago or so and wasn't too impressed at first but there were 3 in the pack and the two last ones worked really great! This strip didn't really remove many blackheads from my pores, especially on the sides. My nose tip was looking cleaner but the rest looked just like it did before using this strip, which means that I won't repurchase it.

I got this toothpaste in Vienna because here it costs around 2 Euros, whereas it costs 6 pounds in the UK?! I was a bit sceptical about it but it actually did make my teeth a bit whiter and since I have naturally pretty yellow teeth I was happy to have tried this paste out. I've tried a Beverly Hills Formula one and it made my teeth sore after only three times of using it I think. With this tooth paste I didn't get that problem and so I got a second one, which was a tiny bit different but also worked well.

I sadly used up my tiny can of Sure Bright Bouquet deodorant, which smells of strawberries and apricot. I absolutely love the summery scent and I've already seen it in Vienna, so I'm pretty sure I'll get it once my current deodorant gets empty. I still can't believe it only costed me 97p at ASDA! It's nearly 2 Euros over here!

I have two empty shower gels- the AVON naturals one, which I emptied today after swimming and the Palmolive Mediterranean Moments that sadly got emptied already in Poland. The AVON one smells of guava and strawberry, which is a rather strange smell for a shower gel I'd say, It is fruity but then again it is a pretty "heavy" scent because of the guava. It wasn't my favourite if I'm honest but I know that AVON do have lots of amazing scents that I would totally love to try out!

The Palmolive shower gel smells of apricot and strawberry AND THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. I was using it only occasionally at first because I didn't want to empty it since I'm sure it's only a summer edition? But now it is all gone and I definitely need to find myself a new one because I just fell in love with it instantly. And again, I got it at ASDA for less than a pound, which is just crazy!

And the last product for today is my old Joanna Naturia body scrub. It smells like fresh strawberries and has actually pretty harsh grains that are maybe not the best for sensitive skin, but it's really handy for summer when you're going away on holidays and want to make sure you tan better and also keep your tan for longer. I've had many of those in my teenage years because they are really cheap and they work nicely, there are so many different scents too and you also get them all as shower gels, which is also a cool thing if you want to use a shower gel and then matching scrub too!

Let me know if you know any of those products, if you liked or disliked them and so on.
Also, make sure to check out my last vlog which was pretty funny ( when my friend and I tried to bake.). VLOG 



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