Monday, 15 December 2014

Urban Decay Naked On the Run Palette

So, Christmas is very soon and Eryk didn't really know what to buy me and he just decided to give me a specific amount of money so that I can buy myself whatever I'd like to have. The first thing I chose is this new very handy palette from Urban Decay. The 3 Naked palettes are very, very common when it comes to big bloggers, so I was reading a lot about them. However, I wasn't too keen on getting a palette with 12 shades just now. Of course I would be happy to have such beautiful pieces of make-up in my make-up space, but I decided to go for something more practical.
This palette came out just some short time ago and from the first time I saw it, I was quite fascinated. So, I chose this as my gift. It is fancy, it is nice, I'm just a girl, girls like fancy make-up, you know...

The box contains: 4ml of the Perversion mascara, a glide-on eye pencil in the shade Stag, which is a pretty dark brown shade, a full sized lipgloss in the shade Sesso, which is a lovely nude shade with a slightly glittery finish, and also the rosegold packaging is beautiful. Then you get 5 eyeshadows in the shades: Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun and an extra large shade in number 5050. Also, you get a bronzer and blush, so basically your whole make-up is sorted with just one single box. 

As you can tell, the lip 
gloss is quite nude.

The 6 eye shadows are shown from the left end of the palette going to the right left of it.

And I also swatched the bronzer and blush, eyeliner and lipgloss on my creepy hand, just so you can see how they look like.

Well, this beauty came already about two weeks ago and I just touched it now because it is too pretty to use it, but I know that I will definitely take it to Poland, because it is so handy. And to be honest, should the mascara get empty or would you like to take a different lip gloss with you, why not? You can easily swap them!

What I also like a lot about the palette is the really big mirror. Compared to usual eyeshadow palettes, which have slim mirrors, this one has a nice big one that is also very handy in my opinion.
The lid seems to be magnetic and doesn't open too easily.

The only bad thing about this palette is that if it comes with so many eyeshadows, it should also have an eyeshadow brush in my opinion, but it doesn't.

All in all, I am super happy that I got it and I will really use it for ages most likely.

What do you think about it? Would you be as excited as I am??




  1. Yeah of course I'd be excited! :)
    It's really cute and looks very handy.
    Will you write a post about the quality compared to your previous stuff?

    1. I will write a blog post about it for sure but first I'd like to use it for some time at least :)