Tuesday, 9 December 2014

3 Simple Hairstyles

Having long hair also means having hair in your face. In some situations like writing something, reading, cooking or doing your make-up,  this can be really annoying.  For this reason it can be useful to know some very quick and easy hairstyles that actually only take your hair out of your face without the need to tie all of it into a ponytail, a braid or a bun. My hair is extremely difficult to handle as it somehow always looks awkward when I tie it back, do I don't tend to do this too often. As this is annoying too, I just simply grab four bobby pins and twist the front sections and pin them back, or I create kind of a pin-up style and so on. There are also similar hairstyles I really like, but they consist of little braids and they take a bit more time so it is easier to do them in peace, without being in a hurry.

So here are the three very similar hairstyles that I wear if I don't wear all of my hair down.
if you would like to see more of my favourite hairstyles, let me know and I can show them in another blog entry. Also, if you are interested in watching  hair tutorials I did some time ago, you can watch them here and also here.

Style Nr. 1:

Style Nr. 2:

(excuse the spotty face)

Style Nr. 3:

Do you have any other cute and simple ideas for long hair??




  1. Looks cute, i'll try them out for sure!
    Btw. When is the video about you (random facts about you, your life and so on) going to be uploaded?
    I'd really like such a video! :)

    1. I always think of all the videos I could film but lately my days are so busy that I just don't manage to film anything. But I hope that next week I will manage to get something done finally!