Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First Day In Poland

Yesterday I had a very long day- I had to travel from Edinburgh to Glasgow and then to Poland all on my own. I managed to get to Glasgow Airport and my flight was very short (less than 2 hours) and it was so calm,  so I can really tell that everything went smooth. When I landed and picked up my luggage and went outside, where my parents, brother and cousin were already waiting for me, I started crying so much because I was so happy to see them again after so many months. They took me home and there we were talking and eating and it was all just amazing!
Today I woke up super early, before anyone else was out of bed, to get ready for the day. After breakfast my mum and me went to town. We got our hair done at the hairdresser- I cut my hair a bit again, and then we had a walk around town, we managed to buy some new boots for me, we had tasty doughnuts and then my aunt picked us up and we went to her house to prepare some Christmas food. It was only the three of us , so we could talk without all the kids interrupting and I was also playing with their cat, which is just beautiful!
Then we went back to my granny's house and all the children were playing with me and Noah is so cute! He asked me whether I still remember that I am his sister! This made me cry again becUse I feel so bad for not being with my family.
Now tomorrow is already Christmas eve, the very exciting day for the Whole family. I also can't wait anymore but it makes me sad that soon I will be leaving again.

I am uploading this post from my phone, so I can't upload more pictures than this selfie with my freshly cut hair. 

I hope you all will have a nice Christmas with your families! 



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