Sunday, 7 December 2014

New In Dresses | Primark

On Friday I went to town and I got myself these beauties, as you may have already seen. I also got myself these two dresses, that I won't fully show just now as I don't have any outfit shots wearing them yet.
But I will make this post a little spoiler for you and show you the prints of the dresses They are made of this thin, transparent material, with some dark non transparent fabric underneath. Also, these dresses are a bit more wintery, for a change, as most of my dresses are typical summer dresses and not too adequate for this time of the year.

The first dress is quite silky and it has long sleeves. I usually never go for long sleeved dresses, but this one was just amazing and the length of the sleeves is also perfect. It is basically like a skater dress, regarding the shape of it.

The second dress is a bit thinner and more transparent. Well, the chest part is, but if you wear a basic vest underneath it looks fine. This dress is also more fitted on the chest and flares out from your waist down, which I really like in dresses. It also has three quarter length sleeves but with cut outs on the shoulders. It has a tartan print, which is very festive I think, and I quite like it for this season. 

Well, as I've added these two beauties to my wardrobe, there are now 22 dresses hanging in total. Not counting skirts. Sorry, not sorry.



  1. I was thinking if you could make a post about what to wear for Christams eve, because I'm really stuck for ideas and you're great at making post about OOTDs :)

    1. Of course I can! And very, very likely I will soon. :)