Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Lip Savers | Lip Balms in Metal Tins

Winter is the time of dry and chapped lips, for sure. It is a thing that probably every girl and also guy has to struggle with and to find a good remedy for dry lips can take some time unfortunately.
I've tried so many lip balms throughout my life that I don't even know how many I had in total up to now. But my lip balm obsession never stopped, which means that also today, I have to try out so many of them.
As I already said, there are so many lip balms that are advertised as very good ones and worth buying and all that stuff, and in the end they turn out to be really average or not helpful at all. That's what I've experienced many, many times too.
However, I have some lip products in cute little metal tins, that seem to work quite well.
They are also affordable, which is a good point, and they last for years.

Here are some of them, the ones that seem the best to me.

First we have a Kaufmanns Creme, which is German brand I think. I've read many good things about it on the Internet and wanted to try it out so badly but I couldn't find it anywhere for a very long time. Then, one day I spotted it in the childcare aisle in Mueller in Vienna. It was less than 2 Euros so I grabbed it and could finally try it out. It is a cream for child skin, but it is very good for lips as well. It is a white cream, which means that a thick layer will make your lips look weird, but a thin one will look natural and it will help you keep your lips soft and pretty. It has a lemony scent, which I quite like and as you can tell from the picture, I've used a lot by now, and I got it some months ago, if not already a year ago.

The second product is the well known Vaseline from the UK. You can get it in probably every shop, but here's the Boots page for you. I have it in all the varieties, apart from the latest one called "Queen Bee", which apparently contains bee wax. ( Also worth trying I think)
It comes in a quite vintage like metal tin, not as big as the Kaufmanns one, and each edition has a different smell and a different significant ingredient. This green one for example has aloe vera and smells fresh, and very specific. I can't really describe the smell, but it is one of my favourite Vaselines. I got my first one over two years ago in Cambridge and I had it for two years, using it so much it's unbelievable. I just literally couldn't get rid of it. Again, it is a very good product to prevent your lips from getting chapped. Some like to apply a thick layer of it for the night but I just can't sleep with lip products on, as the greasy layer in the morning makes me go crazy.

Then, I found this Kleenex nose and lip balm in a pharmacy, but I've also seen it in Superdrug. Here you can find it on Kleenex's official webpage. It contains calendula and it's not only suitable for lips but also for a sore nose ( for example when you have a flu and blow your nose constantly). It costed me a bit more than a Pound and I just wanted to try it out basically. I don't use it on a daily basis because it doesn't really smell like anything, and the smell is also a factor that is important to me while getting lip products.
But, I always use it if I have red skin under my nose from a cold or so, and it makes your skin feel surely better than if you don't use anything.

And the last lip balm in the picture is my Carmex from the cherry range.You can get it in a tube and a stick and there are also more variations, but I got this one ages ago from Eryk. Now this is a quite specific product. A short time after applying it, it will give you a cooling effect, but it will also leave you with tingly lips, what for some people can be painful and not enjoyable at all. However, I do like it and it doesn't disturb me, so I'm fine. (The Soap&Glory Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss is a lot stronger when it come to the tingling/ burning!) It has a really intense and characteristic smell and a yellow colour in the tin (but transparent on your lips) and it also comes with some sunscreen, which some people may also use. In my opinion this is a very good product and it surely helps dry lips to get soft again.

If you have any other great lip balms, let me know!



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