Saturday, 6 December 2014

New In Beauty | AVON

Today I finally received my AVON order and also two additional gifts, which made me even more excited.
I went for my favourite body mist, in the scent Cherry Blossom, as I ran out of it some time ago already. It is in a 100 ml plastic bottle, which I like very much. I had the body mist at nearly all of my flights in my hand luggage, over the last year and it is just so handy to make yourself feel a bit fresh if you need it or so.

I then got three other products, and all of them are eye pencils. I don't know why I wanted them, I just felt like they seem nice and it wouldn't harm anyone to have a little addition to my rather small make-up collection.

So, I got a thick pencil, which is called "big colour" in the shade Gold Rush. And even though I already have a very similar one to this from Oriflame, this one is more gold than copper gold and I thought that especially for Christmas make-up styles it would look great!

And then I also got two thin liners which are called "glimmerstick diamonds", in the shades Sugar Plum ( which is purple with glitter bits) and Black Ice ( which is black with glitter bits).
They will hopefully look amazing underneath the lower lash line or even as nice winged eyeliner.

As a gift from Eryk's mum I got two bath products. One shower gel with Acai berry extract and a bath mousse in the scent dark orchid and raspberry. In the winter season we can surely use it as the days are getting colder and colder and once you're home you would love to take a hot bath, which would smell nice and change the colour of the water into pink or purple, right?

As it is Eryk's 19th birthday today, I'll get off the computer now to spend some time with him. :)

Also, don't forget to check out the vlog that went live yesterday! It would mean a lot to us!



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