Thursday, 11 December 2014

Snowy Days

The first snowflakes appeared already some days ago and two nights ago Eryk and I even jumped into our onesies and ran outside just to stand there while heavy snow was falling.
Yesterday's weather was just a total disaster, it was terribly stormy, raining, snowing, there was a hailstorm and basically it was not the best day to leave the house, right?
Today I got up before 10 and got ready as I had another doctor's appointment and the snow at the time I had to leave was so strong that I would prefer to stay in my cosy and warm bed. But Eryk walked there with me and by the time I could go home the snow stopped. Then I went to college and the snow came back and didn't calm down until the evening.

When I came home,  I had a hot tea and Eryk cooked dinner for us. Then I managed to call my mum and tell her about the doctor's appointment and everything else that's going on at the moment. Of course, it is a hot chocolate and good cake day, so that's what I've been doing since I came back from college.

And as I still have some gifts to wrap up, and some more to be delivered in some days, and some more to be bought, I should really go and get some wrapping done!

 I am really hoping for the stormy weather to get nicer tomorrow as Eryk and I would like to finally go to the Christmas market! However, my camera still won't turn on and I've been barely filming this week, which is another bad thing.



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