Friday, 26 December 2014

Second Day of Christmas

Today we all woke up a bit later than over the last few days but when I first woke up at 8, I looked out of the window and saw that snow was falling. When we all got up, we had a nice family breakfast and then the kids got all wrapped up to go and play in the snow. I didn't go as I just washed my hair and started doing my make-up, but I was looked at them from inside.
In the early afternoon we all got ready because we were about to visit our other part of the family, like every year on this day.
It also got quite cold outside- our phones said -7 degrees and the streets are really ice too.
Once we got there, we had another big dinner together and I really feel very sick right now,  because I definitely ate way too much over the last three days and will need to work out once I'm back in Scotland to lose the additional Christmas kilogrammes I surely gained here in Poland.
Now, at 9 pm we came back home and are trying to relax and stay still after all the food we consumed.

Tomorrow morning we would like to go to Czestochowa to have a shopping day, so hopefully  we will go and find some nice things, because I would really like to get some new warm clothes if possible. And then I could also write a Christmas haul post and video too!



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