Thursday, 4 December 2014

Two Rimmel Scandaleyes Mascaras | Mascara Comparison

Today I would like to show you two mascaras I have at the moment, which come from the Rimmel Scandaleyes range. One of them is the green one, which I've already had three times. It's full name is Scandaleyes Lycraflex Mascara. I am actually running out of the one in the pictures below so yesterday while shopping at ASDA I just decided to quickly grab a mascara and I just took the black and orange Volumeflash Scandaleyes Mascara in Extreme black. They seemed quite identical to me so I thought why not take one?

After using the new one only once I can tell a little difference and decided to tell you a teeny bit about it.

The first difference is obviously the name and colour of the packaging, but the shape of it is the same. Also, the price is nearly the same as far as I know. However, I found that you can't see find the green one too often lately, which makes me a bit sad.

The wands look identical I'd say. You can tell that the orange one has more product on it as it is a brand new one, and the green one is nearly empty, as I've said before.

Now, this is a picture I've taken some time ago, using the green Lycraflex mascara and I was always very please by the effect it did. My lashes looked definitely longer and a lot thicker! They also looked a bit as if I've used a lash curler before, but I didn't, and the mascara was strong enough to keep my lashes up all day long. Perfect! Long lashes, enough volume but not too extreme and visible effect for hours. That's everything you need ( or I need ) in a mascara. Also, I applied only one coat of mascara.

This is a picture I just took some minutes ago, wearing the black and orange Scandaleyes mascara. My lashes are long and separated but don't have too much of the volume, that this mascara actually promises with it's title. My lashes are still in the position they've been this morning, which is great.
Also here, I only applied one layer of the mascara.
It seems to me that my lashes look more natural now as the mascara doesn't give that volume to them, so that they look thinner.

I am not too sure which result I like better, but the new mascara can also dry out a bit with time and maybe it will get a bit clumpier and leave my lashes a bit more voluminous than just now. We'll see how much I'll enjoy using this mascara until a new one will be needed.

What do you think? There is not a big difference between these two, just the volume one. Which one do you prefer? And have you tried any of these two mascaras?



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