Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Eve

Today we woke up quite early again because I had an appointment to get my ingrowing toenails done again. It was so painful that I was literally crying out of pain there and they are still sore, so hopefully I will be able to wear my shoes tomorrow. After that we went to my aunt's house to prepare the rest for the evening and everyone else came over too. Once everyone got dressed we could finally start the enormous family dinner. When our bellies were finally full, the kids went outside to look out for Santa, and once we got back home we found a huge pile of gifts underneath the christma tree. Each of us was so excited and we started unwrapping all our gifts. I only got a few to be honest, because I got money. I somehow enjoyed seeing all the family opening their gifts and it made me so happy to be with them on this special day. 

Now we are having some drinks and cake and to be honest I am already so tired but we will stay up a bit longer.
Back in Scotland I will write a short blog entry about the gifts I got for the ones interested in that.
Hope you all have nice Christmas days, just like we do!




  1. Tęsknisz bardziej za Wiedniem czy Polską?

    1. Na pewno za Wiedniem. Tam mieszkalam przez 18 lat, mam rodziców i brata, znajomych. Ja muszę mieszkać w mieście, na wsi mogę spędzać jedynie ferie/wakacje.

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