Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My OOTD | Third of December

It is already the third day of December, which is insane! I went to College today as usual and after that I also went for a moment to ASDA to get what we've run out of and I came home quite hungry and exhausted. While eating I was talking to my mum on Skype and now I'll just quickly show you today's outfit, which in my opinion is quite elegant and a bit festive.

I wore everything in black, what I sometimes somehow enjoy doing. My transparent top with velvet flowers is from Dorothy Perkins- I finally showed it in an outfit post! I really like it and I pair it with a nude cami top from Matalan, to cover up what should stay covered. I also wore my black skater skirt from H&M that I already bought ages ago, but still really like. And as it is not too warm, I also had some thick tights from Primark underneath. Plus, my fluffy cardigan from H&M, my fake fur as well from H&M and my Clarks boots. And as I went to college I also had my GABS bag with me.

The necklace I wore today is a tiny golden spike on a delicate chain I got from Claire's before summer.

That was my whole outfit! Of course you can let me know if you liked it or no.
Also, if you still didn't , go and check out our latest vlog here, because it looks like not too many of you watched it yet!



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