Friday, 19 December 2014

My OOTD | 19th of December

Today I woke up and realised the weather was totally crazy but this is the outfit I've picked to go to the shop. Back at home we cooked dinner and after that I started editing this week's vlog. In the evening Eryk's sister and her friend Paige came over for a while and we played with Maya, who was really cheeky, and now they just left so I managed to finish editing. I am just converting the video, and I know it will take about 20 minutes until it's all done before I'll upload it to Youtube.
I wanted to bake some cookies just now because I found a recipe that looks promising and when it comes to cookies I've never had luck with baking them before. So we'll see what I'll manage to do,
Tomorrow is also another day of work and I should go to bed earlier than yesterday.

My jeans jacket is from Levi's, my pink jumper from Forever21. My striped dungaree skirt is from River Island and I got it this summer. I also wore black plain tights and my neon pink Vans. And as I was leaving the house I grabbed my caramel brown FOSSIL bag to keep some change and other useful stuff on my way.

And today I decided to keep my make-up simple as I didn't have any bigger plans and I hate taking off my make-up. :D

Hope you all have a nice Friday night! :)

The vlog is here: VLOG



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