Friday, 12 December 2014

Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing

When I first saw this online I couldn't believe my eyes. It is so beautiful and I really wanted to get one myself. Today I went to town and I saw these pretty boxes in Boots, with people grabbing more than one of them at once and I first went to the huge pile of boxes, grabbed one, stepped away and checked what products were inside. Then I called Eryk to ask if he could get it for me as my Christmas gift and he told me to bring it home and to pay for it with his money.
So I was super excited, as Soap&Glory is definitely one of my favourite beauty brands. They do amazing smelling products, their product descriptions are the funniest in the world and they are just overall awesome things. But a bit pricey. Now, this box has 10 full-sized products inside, which are worth more than 60 Pounds. But, you get the box for only 29! This is still a bit of money, but as I've already had quite a lot of their beauty products and I loved every single one of them, I was sure, this box would be the perfect gift for me.

Without talking about how amazing the box is, here you can finally see it:

The products come in a cute dust bag, which can be reused obviously.

There are 10 full-sized products inside, waiting for you...

A foot cream and a hand cream - very useful during winter...

A body wash and a shower butter...

A body lotion and body butter...

The best smelling body scrub in the world...

A pretty lipgloss, a nice mascara and make-up removing wipes...

And a 3 pounds off voucher for more Soap & Glory to spend at Boots.

Even Maya enjoyed all the pinky beauty a lot. You can tell she is a real lady!

I am very very very very excited to try out all the products and I know that I will be totally in love with all of them!

What do you think about this box full of beautifulness???

As it is Friday night, don't forget to come back in about half an hour to get the link to the latest vlog!



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