Saturday, 13 December 2014

4 Christmas Eve Outfits | Christmas

Someone suggested in the comments that I should do an outfit post, regarding ideas for Christmas days. Well, in Poland Christmas is a period of more than just a day, so all the family is always dressed pretty, so these re probably the outfits I will be wearing this year. Hope you enjoy them:

This dress is so casual, but so pretty and elegant. It is kind of double layered, and the more it goes down, the slimmer it seems. It is navy, which occurs very often in my wardrobe. There is something about navy dresses, I don't know how I manage to do this but most of my dresses have at least a little bit of navy in their prints- it's crazy!
If I look at all the shoes I have, these Mel flats match the dress perfectly. The dark heel are and the bows are made in the exact same colour like the dress. The dress is by the way from H&M and I got it already two years ago. 
I would wear my hair in a high ponytail or just completely down, as the back of the dress is pretty simple and the main detail is the double layer on the chest.

This dress is my princess- ballerina dress, and AGAIN it is navy blue! I got this dress from Forever21 for my graduation back in June and I totally love it. The tulle looks very cute and the top part of the dress is so beautiful! It has the navy lace on top of a beige/gold satin like fabric. I just totally adore the look and as the back is a bit cut out, you could wear your hair up, just like I did in the picture, but you could also wear it down, like I did on the day of my graduation. Back then I also wore sandals, which were matching the silky part of the dress quite nicely, but as I've got the Mel flats now, I would definitely wear them with the dress, as again the navy colour is the same one on the shoes and the dress.

Then we have the red and nude floral dress from Primark that I bought quite recently. It has 3/4 sleeves and is not fitted at all. It has two black quite wide strings to tie a bow at the back, below the neck, but I don't manage to get a pretty bow done, so I always wear my hair open.In my opinion this dress is also one that could be worn on a daily basis without doubt, and I like it especially with thick black tights and my new Clarks leather loafers. I also applied red lipstick to match the flowers, which I found quite pretty.

And yes, this is ALL my natural hair in the bun, no donut inside. This is why I never wear buns, because they never look too flattering on me and because they fall apart in seconds!

And the last outfit consists of my latest addition to my dress collection, also from Primark, plain black tights and again my Clarks loafers. The dress has kind of an aztec print, feels quite silky and has long sleeves. It is fitted in the waist and flares out below it, which I totally love in dresses! I think that this dress really doesn't need any jewellery, because of all the colours and the lively print. I need to say that this is probably my favourite dress at the moment and I also think that it is acceptable to wear it on a daily basis. And I would wear my hair down as again, the back is simple.

This was it, hopefully I will manage to take at least three dresses with me on holidays!

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