Friday, 5 December 2014

My New Shoes | Clarks

Today I went to town and I also popped into the Clarks shop and found these little cute leather loafers. I was looking for such shoes for ages now but I could never really decide on a pair. Also, I wanted them to be made of real leather, so these ones looked pretty good to me. They are certainly not the perfect winter shoes, but as long as it is not too cold and not snowing, I can still wear them with tights and dresses or skirts to be honest. Of course, once I am in Poland this will be no option at all but then I can wear them in spring again and I am sure that these shoes will make my feet really happy. The soles are so soft, they are the softest I've ever seen ( felt ) and they are just so comfortable to walk in.
I can't really write too much about a pair of shoes, so pictures will surely describe them better.
Also, this is my second pair of Clarks shoes and as I am very very pleased with my first pair, I also expect these ones to be amazing. And finally I have black shoes again!

Apart from that, the vlog is being converted at the moment and I will let you know once it's uploaded to Youtube! -> HERE IT IS!



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