Thursday, 31 March 2016

My March Beauty Favourites

Tomorrow is already April and it is just crazy! I don't even know how this month went by that quickly?! We had the start of the new semester at uni and there was also a few days of Easter, plus I was working quite a lot this month. I think this is why I didn't even realise that the month is over already. If you're very busy you just seem not to feel that at all.
But, as always at the end of each month I'm here to let you know about my most used beauty products of March. There's not many because I use all my regular products on a daily basis and they all are my faves but those ones are either new or I just rediscovered them again.

Let's start with the new products:
I've been using different Garnier hair conditioners for some years now and at first I was disappointed but with time they surprised me a lot. My latest addition is from the Honey Treasures range and I mainly bought it because of its nice smell. I didn't expect too much honestly, but after two uses I realised that my hair is silky smooth after I blowdry it and usually it has a very rough structure and it just doesn't feel healthy ( even though it is). Now, I love touching my hair again because it is beautiful, shiny and as already mentioned, silky smooth. It looks so much better and it also smells great! I do however use quite a lot of conditioner and I nearly emptied the bottle already so I guess soon it will be time for a new one. So let's see if I get something new or if I'll stick to this one!
But since it's affordable and it's availability is good too I totally recommend it!

The second new product is my Catrice Camouflage concealer. After the Collection concealer, which is SO hyped all over the internet, this one suddenly started to appear quite a lot too and I was just so surprised because Catrice is also a very affordable drugstore brand and I never really try anything from that brand. But after hearing so many good reviews on that concealer I decided to try it out myself. And at first I was disappointed because I used it under my eyes and they looked exactly the same! But when I walked out of the bathroom and looked into a different mirror my face looked much better and the under eye circles were gone. So I guess it's been a problem of lighting really and now I feel much better about the concealer. It has a very light consistency, smells like Nivea and it so easy to blend. It's just like a face cream! And now I can also say that the coverage is really good. (However, it says that it even covers up tattoos and I think that's a bit exaggerated, I don't believe in that really)
Again, for its 4 Euros and easy application I do recommend it !( I have the lightest shade and it matches my skin tone well- yes, that's how pale I am during winter)

And now the product that appeared on my blog already ages ago;
My Soap&Glory Righteous Butter, that I've had for over a year now. I used it a lot and it's nearly all gone now, but I had a pretty long break from it because I'm simply too lazy to use body lotion. 
Well, a few days back I realsied that my skin got that dry again to the point that I'm pretty much shedding. When I take off my jeans, they are full of dead skin cells inside ( I know this is gross, but that's how lazy I am when it comes to moisturising)
And for this reason I knew it was time again to motivate myself for do something for my skin again. And then I remembered that I have the righteous butter in my room and from that time I've been using it before bed time and my skin looks already so much better! It's still soft throughout the whole day and I love it!
Plus the smell of Soap&Glory is just incredible, so I don't even know why I ever stopped using their lotions! :D

And the last product for today is my Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycraflex mascara, which is SO cheap and SO good at the same time. I usually got it in Edinburgh for arounf 7 pounds but then I realised they are even cheaper in Poland so I always get one when I'm there. They last me for ages somehow and I feel like from all the other drugstore mascaras I've tried so far, this one is seriously the best for me. I mean, there is still Perversion, Rollerlash and Chanel that are amazing BUT the know.
So when I can't treat myself to a Benefit Rollerlash or Chanel or Urban Decay Perversion mascara, I'm perfectly fine with this mascara too! ( However, it's just the green one that works great, I had the black and orange one and was rather disappointed).
This mascara has a big brush and it does make my lashes longer and when it's not pretty empty it does make them really voluminous too, so it does everything a woman would want!
Amazing quality, amazing price! That's all I need to say.

Hope you found out something new and interesting today! Let me know if you have any post suggestions or if you have any product recommendations for me! :)

Have a nice day everyone! I'm off to work ;)




  1. Great products mentioned :)

  2. I love Soap and Glory products, the body butter is so moisturising and leaves me smelling lovely too

    Lauren x |

  3. love the products! :) truly amazing! :)

    Please check my Blog!! :)

    Alessa Bernal :)