Friday, 25 March 2016

What I Ate For Breakfast

Hello guys!

This morning I decided to lay a bit longer in my cosy, warm bed since I'll be working til 10 pm.
Then I got up and tried to figure out what to eat- and sometimes I have no ideas at all, and then on other days, like today, I'd like to eat everything at once.

So I went for strawberries. Strawberry everything. And I remember having such a breakfast a long time ago and I also blogged it back then.

My breakfast today was some Kellogs Crunchy cereals which I really love! I added some fresh strawberries and cinnamon. I had some strawberries left so decided to chop them up along with a banana and to eat them too.
And as always I had an Earl Grey tea with lemon, cause I couldn't go a day without a cup! :D

And now I'm already having lunch cause I'm off to work and I don't want to be hungry because that would be a nightmare. ;)

My favourite fruits are strawberries and watermelon ( I can't wait to buy them constantly!!). What are yours? :)

Have a good Friday everyone! :)




  1. Your breakfast looks so yummy. I tried Earl Grey for the first time yesterday and it tastes so nice!! I want to kick myself for not trying it sooner

    Lauren x |

  2. I love strawberries! Those along with blueberries have to be my favs :) Your breakfast was really nutritious and yummy ;) x

    1. Yeah I like them both a lot! +watermelon too!! :)

  3. Do you live on your own or with a flatmate ? :)
    Love your blog/vlogs!

    1. At the moment I live on my own 😊
      Thanks a lot! 😊

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