Sunday, 3 May 2015

My Favourite Bedtime Skincare Duo

When it comes to skincare I am pretty bad in my opinion. 
I never really do anything nice to my face in the morning, apart from my make-up. About once a week I do use my Clearasil Face Scrub that is amazing for my skin and I always feel so happy after using it and every time I think to myself that I should definitely use it more often but I never really manage to do so.
However, in the evenings I make sure all the make-up comes off my skin and lately I've been using my Hydrabio H2O Bioderma for it and I am so happy with the results. It does have some problems with taking off my waterproof eyeliner, so I use my INGLOT waterproof make-up remover on the eyeliner to make sure everything comes off.
But apart from that Bioderma is definitely my favourite brand for skin cleansers since it doesn't make my skin go read and the smell is neutral, so that I don't freak out because my face smells like mould or so. 

Once all the make-up is removed I pat my face dry with a towel and then use my face cream from the Polish brand Tolpa. I got it during my last stay in Poland and decided that I should finally start using moisturiser on a daily basis. I still struggle with that sometimes, but I try my best to use it every night.
I chose the mattifying cream, which also makes your pores smaller and moisturises too.
The cream contains thyme and quince, two great ingredients that eliminate sebum and for that reason your skin is less oily and less shiny. This cream also smells amazing! Just so refreshing and relaxing...
 And this is exactly what my skin needs.

My skin feels clean and I am happy! :)

What do you like to use on your face??



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