Thursday, 14 May 2015

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without!

Today I was thinking about products I really use so much that I could absolutely not live without them and decided to write a short blog post about them.
I chose wisely, I think, and if I was not allowed to use anything else, I hope that those things would satisfy me.

So, most of them are face realted as you can tell.

First of all - mascara.
 When I first started using make-up when I was 12-13, I started with mascara. For a long time I didn't use anything else until I started getting some spots and had to use concealer too.
I feel much more confident when wearing mascara because since my eyes are like I often say quite small and in primary people even called me "Chinese" because of them. Well, to open up my eyes I feel like mascara works the best. My lashes are pulled up and if the mascara is good, like this Perversion from Urban Decay or Roller Lash by Benefit, they stay up all day and my eyes look more awake and alive.
Even when I'm ill and have to go to see the doctor I will use mascara and a concealer, I don't care about the rest really.

As already mentioned, concealer is another thing that I just have to use or I'm out. For a long, long time I didn't have any spots until some months ago where they just decided to hang out on my face. And most of the time there are a lot of them there and since they are red only concealer will save me. However, for spots I used to wear concealer sticks, like my Shisheido one, but then I also started getting dark under eye circles, which are totally unrelated to the lack of sleep or so. It seems like it's just a family thing because my little cousin, who is only 9 has the same problem as me. Those circles of course make you look tired and ill and also less confident. For this reason I started using liquid concealer last year in April during my stay in Scotland and I fell in love with this Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. And even though my circles are still a bit visible, as well as my spots too, it is the best one I've used so far.

Face scrubs are another essential in my life. My skin is weird and I am very often confused and don't know what to use for it and so on. But I feel like scrubs do a geat job on my face. I have blackheads, which made my pores pretty big and I just like using the scrub about every second day to make sure those pores stay unclogged and that there are no blackheads visible because they drive me insane! Around my spots, my skin gets very dry and flaky and when I apply my make-up this is visible and looks bad. So, again I am happy that the scrubs exfoliate and make my skin more even, more soft and prettier. My latest find is this Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore&shine daily scrub, which smells absolutely amazing and is just great!

When I was younger I was pretty much addicted to lip balm. I used to have like 20 at the same time and my mum would tell me to throw some away but I would only keep buying new ones and so on. Over here, I decided that I am not a child anymore and that I can manage this so I try to keep my lipbalms to a minimum because I wouldn't use all of them at ones anyway and they would waste a lot of space in my little make-up corner. So to be honest I've tried maany different lip balms in my life and this one by Yves Rocher is definitely my favourite and I first got it from my friend Nicole for my Birthday and then kept repurchasing it. I have the coconut and also raspberry one, but on a daily basis I use the one from the picture because it is invisible, very creamy, smells great and keeps my lips hydrated.

People who know me in person will also know that I try to keep my hair in a good condition. I look after it, cut it regularly and also brush it often since it got pretty long. The weather in Edinburgh consists of 99% wind I would say and my hair looks terrible after 5 minutes of being outside the house. It gets all tangled and frizzy and to make sure I can fix it as soon as I can, I started taking my Tangle Teezer with me in my bag. It is the perfect brush for my hair and even my mum said she is sad it was not such a popular brush when I was younger and had insanely thick hair, which was very difficult to handle. This brush detangles it quickly, without pulling out too much hair and it is definitely less painful than using a normal brush. I swear by this brush and can't live without it anymore.

And the last product I use daily is handcream, My hands got really dry lately and I hate the feeling of them touching and making this shrubbing noise, being all rough and like paper. So, before Christmas I decided that moisturising my hands needs to become a habit and so I have my Soap&Glory Hand Dream next to my bed, or in my bag depending on where I am. It is getting empty slowly, which makes me sad and I will need to stock up soon I think. This cream smells amazing and it leaves your hands soft as satin without making them greasy. Totally love it!

These were my 6 beauty essentials and I thought that maybe you also have some that you'd like to share in the comments below. :)




  1. Finding it so weird how these 6 would probably make it into my top 6 ....!!

  2. Finding it so weird how these 6 would probably make it into my top 6 ....!!