Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Summer, where are you?

I feel a bit depressed because the weather here in Scotland at the moment is just the worst I could ever imagine during late spring/ beginning of summer.
There are such incredibly strong winds that walking in the streets is a real struggle, the sun is only visible occasionally since most of the time the clouds take over the sky.
The temperature goes up to 15 degrees, which is pretty alright for not fully summer yet, but it just feels like 5 degrees instead because of the terrible wind. There is no day I am waiting for my bus without being totally cold and shaking.
It seems to me like last year around this time it was way warmer over here and I feel like being here is pointless.
I am a person who needs warm days full of sunshine, and I wouldn't even mind really hot temperatures - everything is better than cold, windy and rainy days!
I see my friends in Vienna or Poland wearing summer clothes, enjoying the sunshine, getting a tan and I actually have to wear jeans, a jumper and a jacket to somehow make it through the day outside the house.
When I look at photos I took last year at this time, during my Matura/ finals, it was already so hot and I was so sad that I had to sit at home studying all day long instead of going to the swimming pool or tanning somewhere. And now, now that I could enjoy this beautiful weather back in my hometown, I am here, stuck in more winter than summer.
This really makes me sad and I seriously don't even know what to wear anymore, because I only wear jeans and two different jumpers all the time. I have sooo many dresses that I could be wearing, that are just hanging in my closet uselessly. I could wear my sandals, instead of flats or trainers all the time, sometimes I even have to wear my winter boots!

To cheer myself up a bit, I like to buy flowers and to place them on the window sill in our bedroom. I like to wear less clothes than more, to make it seem more like it's warm, even though I will be freezing - but I just can't stand wearing winter jackets, especially in May.
I would love to go for walks in the sunshine, to tan in our garden and to be warm all the time. But right now I stay in bed most days, where I am cosy, with a nice cup of tea, sleeping cuddling Maya and my laptop. It is just not worth leaving the house at strong winds of 40 km/h.

Now, if anyone can give me some advice on what I should do during those crappy days, or what I should blog about inside - please help!

Hope your weather doesn't make you feel depressed and lazy, like it does in my case.
Also, a quick update: I have tonsillitis, which is great because my throat is so sore that I can't sleep, eat or breathe properly. 



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