Monday, 4 May 2015

My OOTD : May Bank Holiday & New Bag!

The last week was just so terribly cold, rainy and windy that I wore my winter jacket again! I was so angry but I've risked wearing ballet flats and my trench one day and it ended badly for me. It started hailing and snowing and I didn't even have my umbrella with me. I was soaking wet and cold as hell that I even went to ASDA to buy a jumper to wear something more than just my thin blouse and the trench on top of that.

The weekend didn't seem to be much nicer, but it was definitely warmer, though still rainy.
Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine peaking into our room and some cloudless skies, which pleased me a lot. My phone weather app also told me that it is pretty warm outside and once Eryk had to leave for work, I went with him to enjoy this beautiful weather once again.
I went to do some more grocery shopping and came home about half an hour ago.

And now, over to the outfit part. The reason why I wanted to show it is because I got a new bag. Yes, that's right! Another bag. And it is also from my favourite brand - FOSSIL. I wanted one of those totes for ages and now that I saw this one, with that cheeky leopard print I just couldn't resist... And here's a shoutout to Malky who was the first to see it! And also to Linsey, who always knows about my latest blog posts!

bag - FOSSIL
trench - Pimkie
jeans - Bershka
jumper - H&M

flats - Lasocki

lips - Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet ( shade Happy Nude Year)

Now I'm off to prepare my favourite salad and to do my French homework for tomorrow.
Have a nice evening everyone!



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