Sunday, 24 May 2015

May Favourites | Beauty

I can't believe that the last week of May already starts tomorrow! It's totally crazy how time flies and I feel like I haven't achieved anything nice yet. I seem to be so busy lately but then again I don't get anything out of my efforts. And time still flies.

For today's entry I wanted to show you my beauty favourites of this month like I usually do towards the end of each month.

Those are the 5 products of this month: 

The first one on the list is the Malibu Fast Tanning Oil. I have bought it some weeks ago and have only used it last week for the first time. If you don't know it then I recommend you go to a shop, find it and smell it. I am totally in love with this smell and if there is perfume that smells like this - I NEED IT.
Well, the smell is a very summery one to me. It is a typical tanning oil smell in my opinion - coconut and vanilla like I'd say. It is amazing and I wish I could use it every day, but the weather in Scotland is not cooperating really at the moment and so I had one day of tanning so far this year ( and it's nearly June!)
I've used this on my whole body and laid in the sun for 20-30 minutes and already had a tan line  (don't forget that the sun in Scotland is not necessarily the best to give you a nice tan). Even though I do tan quickly, this definitely helped too and well - once again, the smell.

Next I wanted to show you the Neutrogena Visibly Clear pore&shine scrub. I got it once in a rush and didn't know anything about it but once I've tried it I fell in love with it and I guess it's my favourite face scrub so far. It does have a very creamy/mousse-y consitency, with little grains that cleanse your skin nicely, which I really need for my terrible blackheads. They are gone quickly after using this scrub and the scrub itself also smells amazing of tangerine and lime, which makes you feel awake and clean. I simply love it and hope I will get to repurchase it once I've used this one up.

Another thing I've loved to death (pretty literally) is my Urban Decay Perversion mascara that I got in the Naked on the Run palette for Christmas. I've used this mascara so often that now it's all gone and definitely can't be used any more, which makes me sad because it is fab! There is also a serum and I would really love to get the mascara and the serum together and see how the duo will work on my lashes because the mascara itself is great in my opinion! My lashes are long and defined, but without any clumps. I would definitely recommend this mascara even though it is pricier than drugstore ones.

Then, I chose my AVON lipstick in the shade Toasted Rose because I feel like I've been using it pretty often throughout this month. It is a simple colour, pretty nude-ish, not much darker than my actual lip colour. so I feel like I can't go wrong wearing it to town, college or even just to do the shopping. I think it is a great every-day lipstick, without too much colour but which is still defining my lips nicely. I can't exactly remember its price, but it was something around £8.

And the last thing for today is a toothpaste. Pretty boring but I really like it and thought it is quite special, so why not show you?
I got it the day I had my dentist appointment and somehow, since that day I feel like I got a bit of a tooth freak, even though my biggest phobia is about dentists and teeth, I somehow got convinced to see the dentist more often than I used to and that it is a wat better feeling than going when there is something really bad going on. So, I try to brush my teeth as often as possible now, I also started flossing and am so happy with how my teeth feel and look like ( even though I am not too happy about their colour). This toothpaste removes all rough particles so easily, which I always struggled with when using different tooth pastes and used to shrub my teeth really harshly, which is not healthy.
Thanks to this tooth paste, which is also black and pretty cool for that reason, I feel like my teeth are cleaner than ever.

Those were 5 products I wanted to share with you this month. and I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. The lippy is a good colour and a good price too!

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