Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Empty Products - Body

After summing up the empty hair products, let's move over to the body stuff. There are again three subcategories and hopefully you'll find some helpful information. :)


It's weird to start the post with the "other" products but I actually think that these two are the ones that might need more of a review than a shower gel.
The first product I'll write about is the Sugar Crush Body Scrub by Soap and Glory and it is my absolute favourite! I can't even tell how much I loved this product and I remember when I got it, I was still in Scotland and then I was using it here in the old flat too and now in my new flat as well, so it really shows how much I used and loved it throughout this long time.
I am a rather lazy person when it comes to skincare but since I have really dry skin all the time, I just need to use some scrub in the shower once in a few days to keep my skin looking somewhat similar to normal. This scrub has the most amazing, fresh and zingy lemon smell that will definitely leave your whole house smelling of it. The consistency is quite watery but the rough sugar and scrub particles definitely do their job. It takes you seconds to freshen up your body thanks to this scrub as it's so easy to use and it really works wonders within seconds! And this is also the reason why I was really devastated once I used it all up because we don't have Soap&Glory in Vienna ( apart from one drugstore that only has a few products that are ridiculously expensive). 

The second product is a shaving gel by Balea and OMG I love it! I first discovered it in summer when I needed a new shower gel for a quick getaway and since that time I already repurchased it twice. It smells nice and fruity, it's pink, the gel foams up within seconds and your skin is left silky smooth after shaving. It's brilliant- and what's even better- it's very cheap! 


I used up the Fa Coconut Water shower gel quite some time ago but I still can't get over its beautiful smell. I instantly fell in love with it when I smelt it in the shop, so I just had to buy it and I also got another one that I haven't used yet because I really have way too much shower gel stocked up. But what I can say is that the Coconut Water shower gel not only looks beautiful, but also leaves a beautiful smell on your skin, your skin feels hydrated and smooth and that's all you want! Plus I heard that Fa is currently collecting empty bottles in the drugstore called DM, in order to create new slides for children. Looks like I will have to go and "donate" this one. :)

The other shower gel is by the brand Le Petit Marseillais, which I am totally obsessed about! In my opinion this regenerating shower oil ( it's actually called oil and not gel) looks so professional and tempting and this is obviously why I couldn't resist trying it out. Also, the fact that this is more of an oil, made me think that it would be the perfect solution to my dry, flaky skin. The product definitely had more of a creamy consistency and it felt good on my skin but the scent was kind of standard to me and I also did not see any amazing results that I expected. To sum up I would say that it was a nice product to try out but it was more of a standard shower product rather than a really pampering, special one.


Since I like peaches, I thought this Fa deodorant would be one of my favourites, but I have to say that I was not too impressed because it was pretty liquid and took quite some time to dry, which is not cool if you don't have much time in the morning. The smell was also not as nice as I thought it would be, so again, I'd call it just a normal deodorant, that I will not repurchase because I've had better ones before.

And the last product for today is my favourite perfume by Moschino,- Chic Petals. This is already like my fourth bottle and I am still in love with it. I love the cool and quirky design, the sweet scent that is more grown-up than the sweet scents I used to wear some years ago. It smells so luxurious and I always get compliments when I wear it, so I guess it really is a nice one to try.
It is a teeny bit on the pricier side but not overly expensive, which is great, plus it also comes in a few sizes, which is always great. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll come back on Thursday to check out the last category of my used up products! :)



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