Saturday, 28 June 2014

Poland Day 4 and 5


Today it was quite warm in the morning so I decided to tan a bit while Eryk was doing some garden work with grandad again. At about 3 pm we went to town and headed over to a very nice cafe/pizzeria. Mum picked us up and we went for some grocery shopping and just when we arrived home it started raining so heavily that I am not sure if I ever saw such torrential rain in my life before.
Now we are sitting with the children, watching TV and enjoying our time together. So here you are, look at the pictures!

Weather yesterday morning

Tanning with Olimpia yesterday, I missed it so much!

Well, do small ones need to be under constant supervision. Seriously.


This nearly ended badly, but they had fun.

We also went to the shop yesterday in the evening to buy some ice cream!

And it still looked very nice!

Today Orion and I were laying in the sun together <3

We went to town today and the skies were grey already but it was so hot outside.

And yes, second pizza in Poland! We couldn't resist. Traditions are traditions, no way out :D

And here you can see how quickly the situation escalated. This was the view after 15 minutes of rain. We literally had a lake in the middle there.

And we bought ourselves some AMAZING TASTING sorbets. Mine was a lemon one and Eryk bought a pear one for himself. 



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